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Hey Zack, you ARE a GD MFin LIAR

2021.12.01 15:05 Rainbow-breaths Hey Zack, you ARE a GD MFin LIAR

Some of us could see through your nervous, stuttering lying ass the whole GD time.
And don’t come at me about the stutter, it only happens when he lies. He needs to just stop.
Michaela, hope you are having a great day girl.
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2021.12.01 15:05 Dr_GIR New Stanton man accused of sexually assaulting teenage girl in Latrobe, police say

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2021.12.01 15:05 SunRaSquarePants A rare libleft found in the wild...[the 4chan subreddit]

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2021.12.01 15:05 profprang I made a Joel action figure

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2021.12.01 15:05 juneau25 If you need help passing a drug test, dm me

No need to worry It’s really simple
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2021.12.01 15:05 schm1ngo Reddit League Season 4 - Regular Season Week - Romania

Hey everyone!
4 players were able to pull off a perfect score in Africa last week, while many others only came close to that. Congratulations to u/raidman_mucha, u/farabanfr, u/Mahler66 and u/Tychonicus for getting a bonus point each!
This week we're heading back to Europe, where quite a different setting awaits us when compared to our first stay in Iceland this season, as we're going to explore Romania this time. For division , and 5 this is already the last regular leg of the season. As the standings are still very tight in almost every division, I wish everyone the best of luck to enter, stay in, or leave the promotion or relegation zones. I'd like to encourage those of you who are nailed down on their current position without great chances to go up or down, to still try your best to get a good score, in order to ensure a fair competition for everyone else.
Season 4 - Regular Season Week 9
Map: Romania by Geoguessr
Deadline: 7th December 2021, 17:00 CET (11:00 am EDT / 08:00 am PDT) - Click the link to check your local time.
Division 1 [3:00 min timer]: https://www.geoguessr.com/challenge/ZTPImYrdrp2V1IqK
Division 2 [3:30 min timer]: https://www.geoguessr.com/challenge/mrOGpCxykp1ab6bD
Division 3 [4:00 min timer]: https://www.geoguessr.com/challenge/Rem9IWXtQwIxxZTP
Division 4 [4:30 min timer]: https://www.geoguessr.com/challenge/ZoqyofcXeqesmjcl
Division 5 [5:00 min timer]: https://www.geoguessr.com/challenge/SPWsUwh9jxeanrjK
Please make sure to play the correct challenge! Results from other challenges than the one assigned to your division cannot be counted!
Current standings / fixtures / schedule / rule-set: Click here
Position Charts: Click here
No yellow cards last week and everyone who had an extension already played the previous leg, great stuff!
Please note that I exchanged the originally planned map for this leg for the official Romania map from Geoguessr as the first map was way too heavy on urban locations.
Good luck & Have fun!
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2021.12.01 15:05 catfromvault13 My cock less wet

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2021.12.01 15:05 More-Fact Your Occasional Dose of Mako and Kuvira (lux.niveus on Instagram)

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2021.12.01 15:05 freshjuicemaker New builder additions for Portal

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2021.12.01 15:05 JessRoyall This absolute unit!

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2021.12.01 15:05 EmmyLou_Hayes Sex Research and Your Weekly Poke

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2021.12.01 15:05 Ken808 Supreme Court appears likely to roll back abortion rights

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2021.12.01 15:05 RegExrBot PX Previews Marvel Professor Hulk 6 EXC Funko Pop! Vinyl now available at Pop In A Box US

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2021.12.01 15:05 TSOTMC MERCH!

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2021.12.01 15:05 JH4JH4JH4JH4 My german teacher makes the language so unenjoyable for me

I am in my first year of university. We had to choose between 4 A1 language courses so I chose German because it is useful where I live. I was never really good with languages but I’m trying my best. I don’t have much problem understanding the grammar rn. The thing is that the teacher speaks really fast with a german accent and I just cannot understand her anything. Whenever she says words that aren’t even in our books she doesn’t even bother to at least write them, then she rants that nobody understands her. She b**ches EVERY LESSON about this. Every lesson she says how awful our group is compared to her second one (there are people who already can speak german, wow!). We have like 2 people who can speak german in our group and of course she loves them. The rest of us are beginners and she literally hates us… Why bothering to teach A1 groups, then??? Apparently no other teacher rants like this! I really started to hate her lessons and german in general because idk what is going to trigger her next… sucks.
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2021.12.01 15:05 BABABOY33 All that and I didn’t get goku and vegeta ssb blue but at least I’m able to zenkai awaken beerus

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2021.12.01 15:05 Dr_GIR Fox Chapel Area student musicians chosen for honors band

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2021.12.01 15:05 Woe-man The philosophy of happiness and the means to achieve it and the ethics behind freedom.

Hello! Before i start my question i want to be clear that these questions are related to an essay i'm writing.
So as the title states i am writing about happiness. The question i am trying to answer is " What is happiness / well-being, and in what way can it serve as a basis for creating an ethic? Think, among other things, about different understandings and definitions of happiness, and whether happiness is one and the same, or if it differs."
Currently i am basing the essay on Mill's view on utilitarianism,Aurelius Stoicism, and i am also planning to throw in Rousseau's social contract.
One of my main points is that freedom is directly linked to happiness. And that one cannot exist without the other, The idea that you can never truly reach your potential happiness if you are not free and that you cannot reach your potential freedom if you are not happy.
An example would be that a severely depressed person would not be as inclined to fight tyranny, for reaching the happiness that freedom from tyranny brings is not as enticing to somebody that does not reach a certain "standard" of happiness to begin with, that being said living under tyranny could cause said depression from the absence of freedom.
And i am planning to throw in the social contract as a point made about that when we all live under agreed rules and give away our freedom from nature, and try to live in a society where we don't steal, kill etc we also get the freedom to not get stolen from or killed, and that you are more able to pursue happiness when you constantly don't have to guard your life and possessions, and that creates an ethic and moral that suits more people than only the strong.
(With freedom i am referring to freedom from tyranny, disease, racism/prejudice, or anything that restrains your life without giving you new freedoms)

So my question is that if my assumption even makes any sense, when philosophers such as Mill, Rousseau and Aurelius talk about freedom i have very little to support my idea that freedom is much more than freedom from tyranny, and that the links between freedom and happiness are vague at best.
Could it be that i made a false claim and that i severely misunderstood the idea of freedom? If you dear reader have the time and sources could you please explain why i am right/wrong?

I am sorry if this question is abit messy, i've had some big issues with explaining happiness and ethics the more i dig into it.
Thanks for taking your time to read this.
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2021.12.01 15:05 Cragsand Sweet Tooth misses you @Hamlinz gachiHYPER

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2021.12.01 15:05 RaveConnoisseur Recent footage of WWE instructing people who they pay to attend their events to fill seats

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2021.12.01 15:05 Epsilon-5 Strike!

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2021.12.01 15:05 stringray007 Can Btas sting clams

I have a tank with mostly Btas and i really want to get a clam. So i did a little research and found several reports online stating that clams dont care if they touch corals or anemones (i even have seen pictures). But also i stumbled across some reports of clams getting stung by corals or anemones. So i am kinda confused and would love some advice from guys who actually kept them together. Thanks very much!
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2021.12.01 15:05 BIGBULLDIAMONDS Mmat dd time metamaterial.com we going to Tokyo ⚠️🎉

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2021.12.01 15:05 cherryandlimelacroix Pay with points: Best Buy statement credit issue

I bought something with Best Buy on 11/19 and was told I’d receive a statement credit in 2-4 business days but I haven’t received it yet.
It’s an item that I bought cause I thought I’d get the credit but I don’t really want it if I have to pay for it myself lol.
Has anyone had similar delays with best buy when trying to use your points ?
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2021.12.01 15:05 baybora211 I’m nut done yet!

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