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$HZNP Waiting for Short signal.

2021.12.01 21:03 ShortAlgo $HZNP Waiting for Short signal.

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2021.12.01 21:03 OmegaDL50 [COD] Which game in the COD series has the most content overall for a solo player?

I see a lot of questions about what game has the best campaign for a single player. Seeing several COD titles for sale on both Xbox and PSN right at the moment as part of a Cyber Week / End of Year Sale and I'm considering picking one up.
I am not really interested in campaign so much as rather things for a player to do. While I'm mainly am interested for single player content but if I can do like a rotation of various maps, the Zombies mode, and so forth. For an introductory player unfamiliar with the series which would be the best entry point from purely single player point of view on the focus of the most content to get out of overall experience / package regardless of the quality of games story otherwise?
Greatly appreciate any help on this, thanks!
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3242 8353 8500
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2021.12.01 21:03 East-Seawness56 Waiting to get called inside a walk in for a covid test needed for work. Chillin drinking Dunkin (next door from walk in) while I wait

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2021.12.01 21:03 melvinmetal Lucky guy! All those delicious thug rumps are chasing after him!

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2021.12.01 21:03 zombryy We need to work on finishing our carts.

So I was doing ship & I basically started a cart with 20 mins left in my shift. I did around 15 items out of 35. I tell my team lead that I am clocking out now and that it’s half done. He says that We need to focus on finishing our carts before we clock out. This was the first time I’ve ever not been finished mostly due to just not having enough time in the shift. I’ve picked up half done carts before (also paused carts if someones on break ) and I guess my question is what’s the significance of not finishing? I checked my rates and they were good but he seemed upset/annoyed about it. I talked to a coworker who’s been there a while and he said “just finish them even if you stay overtime so it doesn’t become a problem.” But I don’t think I want to stay extra time tbh lol
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2021.12.01 21:03 JinzoRevival Audio Cable with mic compatible with HD 599

I just got a HD 599 and I'm enjoying it, but I noticed it doesn't come with a audio cable containing a mic, which I'd like to use for gaming. I was just wondering if this would work fine with my PS4 controller and 599?
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2021.12.01 21:03 owledge [Stroman] Wrigley Field is the only big league stadium I haven’t pitched at in my career. Crazy. Can’t wait to call it home! @Cubs

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2021.12.01 21:03 jorgolen Raian taking the attack that knocked out Rolon after 5 chapters of fighting which he did not block or dodge a single time. He fought for 18 more pages after this

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2021.12.01 21:03 Fuhwuyab Columbia ED

So i’m moving my columbia application to ED. does anyone have any idea when they would tell us if we got in or not 😵‍💫
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2021.12.01 21:03 gobshite-geezer Here's an interesting little article. A startup is bringing a gauss gun to consumers for $3,375
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2021.12.01 21:03 Dudhist The Struggle of Consciousness; Awaken the Heart (Part 1/2)

As seasons shift, frost falls, and snow starts, I come to reflect upon what growth the year has taught me in relation to this life.
The word of the year is CONSCIOUS. To be conscious, to have a conscious, what is consciousness? I have seen people awake without it, I have seen it switch off mid-conversation, I have seen it suppressed and I have seen it grown. The difference between man, beast, and machine lies in this nature of mind, something I have worked towards creating in myself for as long as I can remember. Intangible, immaterial, self-propagating in its highest states and oppressive in its lowest, the precise quality nearly impossible to pinpoint when the difference is awareness to easily missed details often unspoken upon. In its barest state it can be described as awareness, but what does that really entail? In even the most basic protozoa, there needs to be the ability to recognize surroundings and respond to stimulation with discernment for what is being ingested to continue living in this realm. Without eyes, ears, or limbs, its interactions are only the most essential to keeping its cellular chemistry in flow, yet these are still conscious interactions with food and water and other beings around. They still feel the world around them, just as our eyes feel the light and our ears feel noises on the air; the only real difference is scale determining what is relatively important to the individual being.
The entire universe is made of vibration/frequency/resonance, but the resonance of electromagnetism generated through this living interaction is a special one. Cellular computation is an eternal process for all (except tardigardes) that has a small thrumming beat to it, a pulse sent through the world for any with enough perception to witness; the electrochemistry generated by this is the essence of consciousness. There is a massive variety to the sensory organs with specialized fields of perception that changes the capacity of consciousness depending on species and individual. We can marvel at the capacities of various animals; the ears and eyes of owls, a hound's nose, the electro-sensory capacity of hammerhead sharks, but how often do we appreciate the depth of sense available to a man? A human finger can feel into the millimeter of a wood grain while calculating the engineering and trajectory for a space launch. A computer can now do both of those things as well, and often better than we can; what makes a human superior to having AI running the world? It's obviously not our fleshy weaknesses, our dependence on food and water, our need for rest, or our natural tendencies to screw around. It's not the average speed or raw processing power of computations, or the ease at which memory is accessed or cleaned, nor how easily viruses propagate in our system, definitely not our propensity towards vices, and our sense of pain can be a real drag compared to an unfeeling machine.
Of course we are superior. The agency of free will, the strength at our disposal, the ability to conceptualize with imagination, growing and regenerative bodies, all matched by an incredibly wide sensory perception, but the single strongest characteristic is for us to care and pay our attention. Genetic coding is a program in its own right, but the immense potential held in its reproductive capacity takes time as the programming of blood and sap need to root. A beast has more consciousness than an average computer, but that makes sense given the amount of wiring held in a body when you consider the amount of disseminated electrical energy. Humans get set on a higher bar when we use our agency to strengthen and hone our perception in particular directions unique to our imagination, rewriting the neuroplasticity of the brain with the power of word and practice to use consciousness for its own perpetuation. The sheer amount of conscious energy we have at our highest potency is miraculous in the strength of electrical connection between body and mind that can lift trees or manufacture nanotechnology depending on where attention is spent. In living creatures stress fosters growth and a certain amount is healthy and necessary for development of consciousness during the maturation process; the differences in appropriate training and support makes immense impact in growing towards one's best vs getting calloused and stunted by continuous damage such as foot binding. The potential available from a properly trained, supported, and motivated person can behold incredible feats that blow mind of our fellow human, but it requires time and nurturing for full development.
The universe is applying constant pressure. Outside pressure is met by inner resistance to create new growth until the pressure is too long, intense, and unrelenting. The effort of cells using bioelectricity to circulate enough respiration to resist an entire atmosphere of pressure is the very essence of life fighting to survive, creating enough fluid pressure in cells to retain flow amidst their concurrent systems. The cohesion amidst these interacting is the field of conscious energy within each organism, rippling outwards for others to interact with it based on their level of sensory awareness. Subtle interactions in this space are where the truest forms of intricate communication takes place such as nonverbal mammalian intimacy or hivemind consciousness performing in tandem; the less complex the life form, the less ability it has to comprehend and communicate with the world around while just following what it instinctively knows. In its purest state the subconscious perception acts as a net catching everything in its surroundings, a fluid soaking through the edges of its container seeking anything that strikes its curiosity or its fear so that energy can shifts parts of the cell body in preparation for what comes next. The scales of complex interactions from bacterial microbiomes within our gastrointestinal tract providing chemical nutrients to power our neurological computations up to the cosmic radiation fuelling earthly cycles are grand when you can hold gratitude for the real marvels of life pumping and circulating through matter and flesh. From the top to the bottom, each organism is producing something that is eaten by someone else as we keep recycling the same earthly elements into new and more complex iterations of conscious interaction. In a natural being this sinks deep into their incarnated body and instinctual coding, constantly improving and evolving to overcome previous obstacles and setbacks so that less effort is needed to reach enjoyment and satisfaction. We get better at hunting, feeding, and thriving with each coming generation while natural parenting is trying to prevent the same painful mistakes from being repeated. Every single aspect of life brings value to another part of life, something separate yet intrinsically connected even if we don’t have awareness of its cohabitation as an era of synthetic sanitation disregards anything that isn’t clear in its profitability. Plants know to follow the light, but humans have had the mistakes of other humans to lead them without necessarily being labelled as mistakes while we salvage what came before. Each generation is building on the connections the previous one made, but we must be careful to prune what is diseased and no longer healthy before it is built upon too heavily.
Our brain is always programming itself. Thoughts are when the neural pathways jump a circuit with enough electrical stimulation to forge a connection and execute that neural program, and intentionally making links between different memories weaves an interconnected understanding of this reality before us. Infants are notorious for sticking things in their mouth but the amount of neurons formed by the full sensory experience of that object creates many memory anchors for our future self to build our worldly understanding; after all, you could probably look around your space and inherently know what many of the items taste like. When there is a new program being written, then neurons in the brain shoot through the plasticity of the soft goo to create a pathway. If it is repeating the same program then that neural pathway gets worn in harder. This doesn’t mean that it’s correct, right, or properly functioning, but simply that it is strong in this manner. Our lives are filled with them in all sorts of weird little ways, idiosyncrasies that make us who we are by determining how we think and see the world. The ability to break patterns apart in different ways and put them back together anew is intellect whereas seeing into the natural flow is wisdom, two key but distinct aspects of a smart person as one is using consciousness for isolated purposes to be rebuilt while the other is witnessing consciousness in a holistic sense. In contrast, the unconscious mind simply follows the path of least resistance that wears habits into core aspects of our character over time in a self-fulfilling loop that seeks to continue consuming as much as possible. Humans can be incredible adept at solving problems because of our prefrontal cortex, but without the necessary consciousness to link cause and effect to their proper source then this blessing becomes a curse. Either the problem will get linked to the wrong place, sit unsolved in the back of the mind, or that section of the brain will be cordoned off entirely if the full picture isn’t taken into account.
Pain is a disconnection in consciousness, a break that is hindering full electrical flow and diverting the currents of circuitry. An organism attuned to its inner self can sense the parts that are off and work towards fixing it in the ways they know how which typically is hunger, thirst, and rest. The unfortunate part of human’s heightened cerebral state allows us to actively move our attention away from the location of the pain and ignore it, leaving fuzzied signals hovering behind our focus that serve to distract and detract from the total value of our consciousness. We can be so off-base that we confuse the thirst and hunger signals, take poisons to numb ourselves to the poisons we ache from, and literally try to go to the moon before admitting to inner flaws. We fill our body with chemicals that stop proper discharge such as antiperspirants hindering sweating out toxins that end up poisoning us further, many people don’t even know what truly clean water is supposed to taste like, and our diets end up destroying our bodies all too often. We are afflicted with a wide variety of mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual pains on top of the physical ones disrupting our concentration, each requiring appropriate attention to be paid so that connection can be made to repair the rifts that cause great suffering within. Our world is laced with microfibers, heavy metals, and massive amounts of pollution that serve to insulate the gaps even further as it takes more conscious energy to bridge that gap. Even when the bottom of Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs are met then the worries move up the pyramid to become interpersonal and internal as we search for meaning in our ego’s existence. Growing pains are a common trope as our bones struggle against the forces of gravity and stretch muscles across them, but most people have no idea how to contemplate the severity of chronic pain and adrenal fatigue that some suffer through. Life becomes incredibly taxing when you have barely enough attention to function at a basic level, often shortening the outer range of awareness as sensory overload and adrenal fatigue make attention into agony. But how could one contemplate that much stress when most people barely even comprehend how much tension they themselves are under? Relax the corners of your eyes and of your mouth for a glimpse of what we are constantly putting ourselves through, then realize that our entire body is under similar pressure before even addressing injuries and imbalances. The lack of clarity stemming from an overwhelming amount of pain is a harsh testing ground that forces one to spend what little effort they have available upon the most necessary things to keep moving forward, a slog through a desert with the water of consciousness budgeted bit by bit to make it through each day. Tension held in our body and our mind are the greatest source of projections as these electric barriers keep the edge of your field of awareness away from our center, and in all too many ways these tensions come from other people that are still dealing with their own pain. Continuing to ignore the pains will eventually result in that piece wearing down until it breaks as all the warning signals are neglected.
Depression in a systemic disruption of consciousness, a state of lower energy from missing key parts of inner connections. It is a rough state to exist in for long periods of time especially when you can see the other side but don’t have the energy or the tools to reach it. The loneliness and isolation caused by this rift is ostracizing to immense degrees while witnessing your lowered state infecting others with angst, feeling your own dis-ease force separation between our most human elements. The social barrier becomes heavier and heavier, hoping that one day something will break through while the magic drains out from life and joy gets further and further away. Drugs can help this to a degree and can be life-changing for some, but all too often it’s just masking the pain while the disconnection becomes so great that only severe physical sensations will break through. The addictions formed in this state become dependencies to make up for what is missing, and too many times in too many ways there are direct causes for this disease that are incredibly difficult to navigate oneself out of; attempts to remove addictions will almost always fail or be replaced until the root issues are resolved. Lifestyle changes and therapy can help, but it is deeply hinged on the willpower to push intention into your thoughts and form our own neural pathways outside of the ghosts that keep haunting the halls of our mind. The vital exploration of inner self is seeking the precise origin of the various tensions as they are often murky and overlapped with present issues playing on deep-seated pains and old beliefs beaten into our skull, the shadows of which shackle our subconscious into specific patterns that feel outside of our control. When the pains are ingrained deep into what feels like the essence of our experience, the struggle turns into the veil holding our ego away from the beauty of life itself. Thoughtforms exist in the higher parts of the brain, but trauma descends it into the more base parts of the brain as the only neural pathways through higher cognition are the painful memories held by coping mechanisms powerfully cemented into mind that they hinder new connections from being made. The trick to escaping is understanding that new memories must be formed branching off the old one so that they no longer carry thoughts in the same painful loops, but creating pathways to peace stemming off a new pathway to be worn into place by first accepting the old routes inside your head and reclaiming power over them while forgiving the process that made you rediscover your strength. In many cases of depression on self-destructive spirals, it is the kind guidance of others that gives you the extra boost needed to reroute and regrow a new light in life by helping those new pathways form.
Most people aren’t inherently cruel or vicious, but their unconsciousness will make them blind to the nuances of life steering us the same way that fish are carried by ocean currents outside their awareness. The most frustrating characteristic is the refusal to be accountable to mistakes, but they have been taught to be a certain way and only know that the other path is dangerous especially when those who stray from the beaten path are shunned by providers and made into a whipping post. The ways that morality have been bent for profit in every land upon the planet leave us few good examples of what it means to be a good person outside of obedience to authority, but this leads to intense emotional confusion and cognitive dissonance when those authorities end up contradicting themselves. When sufficiently developed, ignorance with its tendencies towards cognitive dissonance backed by violence tied to hypocritical beliefs ventures into sociopathy; aggressive unconsciousness will be shown in violence, misogyny, racism, and many other forms of prejudice while our media thrives off bombshells that drag people down into the shocked trauma response and our leisure time is filled with violence as peace becomes a prospect long lost to the masses. After these behaviors become reinforced by drugs/alcohol, poor music/television, and even immorally rewarded in a broken society then the mindset becomes so ingrained into the culture of malice and fear that there is little reason to seek beyond it while friends and family pull each other deeper into the shadow. Over time, the mind allowing sociopathy will devolve into sadism once pleasure starts being gained from others pain and is especially grotesque when thrust upon the innocent and unconsenting; the ways that our subconscious are subtly programmed to allow this slowly leeches our humanity from our soul. Additionally, we are one of the few species that has higher awareness of its sexuality and when this base animal state becomes improperly linked to addictive qualities of the brain we can spend immense amounts of our consciousness chasing a very fleeting pleasure while often fearing its purpose in reproduction, often to the degree where the thought of sex is more enjoyable than the act itself if true care isn’t had for the partner. Unconsciousness will always seek to consume to find a temporary satisfaction until the next thing comes along as pleasure-chasing manages to muffle the fear inside for a short time, but that just strengthens neurons leading to fear as the addiction starts needing higher doses to get the same effect. This is the typical place for people to wind up especially in the culture of mass media, religious confusion, xenophobia, climate change, economic instability, and plague all matched by an excess of pollution harboured in our body. There are all too few humans with the developed and cultured consciousness that actually have full truth to their word despite how intelligent they may be, but the correlation between their word/action/intention begins to paint the picture of their spiritual health as discovery of a truly foul spirit is hidden behind their word not meeting the intention of their action. This darkness gives room for the real sources of tension to thrive.
Without the beacon of inner connected consciousness lighting the way to inner love, the mind is a small and flickering candlelight casting shadows for our fears to dance with near-constantly. While the mindset of fear is a poison that distorts our vision and corners us into particular patterns of behavior almost always serving our downfall, there are many legitimate dangers to care for in the world around. Predators of many kinds have hunted us down, sickness takes us, and nature has some gruesome displays of savagery and parasitism. Viruses exist in their own category by hijacking other life forms while lacking its own conscious forces, taking it from other beings for nothing but its own gain. Vampiric, unable to survive without hiding until it infests while overtaking its hosts’ consciousness to be rerouted for its own service, the nature of viruses are the ultimate nemesis of life but even some have a role to play in overall health. Humans are unique in our ability to be a herd of prey, the predators, the parasite, and a virus that infects others around it with a disease serving its own gain by leeching conscious willpower from humans as empathy is twisted for malintention. The manipulations upon our psyche create long-lasting drains as gaslighting makes us internalize insanity that did not exist until the lies started, intentionally casting shadows upon our mind for easier control by breaking down self-confidence and self-reliance as the victim is forced to serve foul interests. These anxieties manifest in an incredible variety of ways but almost always boil down to us bending over backwards to make up for the fact that we don’t feel good enough. We run from it, avoid it, mask it, or succumb entirely to the feelings of inadequacy that hinder our true expression and get us to yield the entirety of our consciousness to chasing highs, maintaining facades, or disassociating entirely. Whether the lack is from the external world with its severe inequalities or the internal world with the flaws that we know all too well, the veil of fear holds us imprisoned and shackled into a generic version of ourselves instead of the full authentic package. These show up in projections of all kinds, negative judgments across the board as ego is either inflated so that arrogance can take the place of earned confidence or deflated as we beat ourselves up for failing unrealistic expectations at odds with trauma response and/or intuitive living. If that isn’t made, then the unconsciousness will be shown in naivety that is almost guaranteed to be taken advantage of without true guidance that is so rare these days while seeking things to fill the void felt inside. We have an immense amount of preconceptions and prejudice to unlearn as the veil is lifted and our eyes open, but it is an incredibly confusing process while adjusting to the light.
The struggle is real and we all face it in different ways. Some struggle to find food, others struggle to keep it down, and some can’t keep it out of their hands. Some can’t sleep, others can’t stop, and some don’t have a warm and safe place to rest their head. Some struggle to obey authorities that contradict themselves, others struggle with an unclear counter-culture lacking guidance, and all too many struggle to find ways to work that aren’t being taken advantage of. Some struggle with television addiction, some struggle with leaving their video games, others struggle to read and write. Some struggle with the people around them, others struggle to keep people around, and some have the fear of violence lingering over their heads while others have violence held in their mind; I hope you don’t know the struggle between life and death while staring into another being’s cold black eyes. Some struggle with constant aches, others struggle to stop hurting themselves, and many struggle to stop accidentally hurting those around. We struggle with our beliefs in an era of hypocrisy, we struggle with our communication to ourselves and others, we struggle to grow smarter and wiser in a time that hates teachers, and we struggle against an overwhelming narrative of oppressing fear licking at our heels while true tragedies go unheeded. Some struggle to escape their confines, others struggle to find a place of security, our world struggles with toxic materials leeching into our space, and our economy struggles to provide adequacy to the whole of our society as individuals struggle to find a sense of self worth, a sense of belonging, and how to battle this strange concept of love that has been dramatically reenacted until the fiction became more common than reality. Throwing religion into the mix adds all kinds of extra complexity as dogma and tradition warp the teachings of spirit into judgment of others to avoid a constant threat of damnation.
There are an infinite amount of ways for our lives to face the struggle, but they are far from equal in anything except the difficulty relative to oneself; some people struggle against insurmountable odds while others struggle with boredom if they forget to bring their phone to the bathroom. It is painfully easy to take boons for granted and it is not anyone’s place to judge the difficulties faced in your own skull, but all must give credit to the fact that life is a different beast when the threat of survival is on the line and utter insanity when that threat is the volatility of human emotion. The game has much higher stakes when you are calculating how far you can get on this bit of food and water without knowing where to get more, when your body is broken without any help in sight, or when the biggest danger in your life is a monster you are forced to smile at. In many ways the struggle of spending calorie expenditure on finding food is far more pure compared to the politics of interpersonal emotions or the torture of an unhealthy body, but an incredible precarious one that has ended with many sun-baked stories lost to time. There are steep cliffs that must be climbed by some, and being forced to with the knowledge that there are solutions that would be easily solved by money as your consciousness is spent on bare survival becomes one of the most venomous realities of this world, especially when excess waste is flouted by others while you have none. The pressures applied by modern society are unintuitive and deeply flawed as the only real way to get ahead is to please the current holders of currency despite their insatiable greed, leaving the majority unsure how to life a good life outside of the unfulfilling status quo for anyone whose skills lay outside of finagling cash from others. The most confusing parts are when our senses are informing us of subconscious dysfunction and dishonesty while we are consciously being told things are fully functional with dedicated internal efforts to believe it; the nature of most humans being limited in their higher function means that it is generally wiser to trust the subconscious, but the subconscious can’t always be trusted when it’s still haunted by ghosts of the past. But if everybody is flawed, who really knows what to believe? The names and words used don’t matter as much as the true essence of good intention rooted and acted upon as we seek to strengthen our awareness, communication, compassion, and discernment with our internal and external worlds. This is a lifetime’s effort in a world filled with liars who threaten to break you down if you do not obey the deceit despite it leading to your suffering, the very nature of cancer and virus so prevalent today. There are countless stories of how mindset can overcome cancer; the placebo effect is primarily caused by activated consciousness applying upon our body as we accept the painful reality and push the direction we grow towards to manifest a new destiny for this life, but it is incredibly rare to realize how valuable this skill is without it first being limited in its function by factors outside of our control. The spiritual journey is not new but a story older than history.
Living creatures of every kind have been used and ab-used for all of human history. Our development has thrived off training, education, and the unfortunate fact of slavery being a much cheaper and easier alternative to the prior options. It is one thing to be lower in the food chain, but it is another for your purpose to be entirely subservient with a broken will. For eons there have been forces that treated man as beasts of burden while women were used for service and pleasure, told they are not worthy of any thoughts above their role as their mind and soul were neglected. It is incredibly valuable to have fleshy machines that hold just enough consciousness to perform menial tasks, but having them growing thoughts beyond that can be unpredictable which is a terrible trait for an obedient servant. After all, it gets really annoying when a computephone begins trying to insist on doing their own thing while you are trying to complete a task; having servants with the awareness to point out issues in their living conditions means actually having to improve things rather than doing the bare minimum alongside the decision of if they even deserve to be treated as human. When you point out things that are others are more comfortable ignoring, one will get called crazy and emotional instead of following their example of unconsciousness. When people’s unconsciousness gets challenged before they are ready to be humble about it, the cognitive dissonance arising can often lead to violence in word and action.
There is a clear reason why teaching critical thinking skills directly leads to liberal beliefs. The human curse is having enough intelligence to get what you want without the wisdom of consciousness to see the entirety of the decision leading to the downfall of yourself or fallout damaging others; by the time most people have learned these lessons their bodies are falling apart as they watch the next generation make the same mistakes. Actually understanding the intricacies of this world shows the interdependence of all living creatures, making the choice to foster cohabitation into the obvious one when we have the awareness to see the dangers caused by ignorance and recognize that EVERYTHING is suffering together as all life is just trying to have food, water, and protection from the elements. Within that, we need to recognize that the conditions of birth are all unique and require a unique approach to properly nurture and raise each other appropriately, aiding so we all thrive in each new generation has more to work with than the last. We know there are ways to prevent anyone from having to struggle through the basics of this life when there is so much wasted abundance, especially when the alternative is looking at life in terms of profit or fear as the dominating view of our current culture. From childhood, we are told how to behave and what is to be expected. Only a very few lucky ones had this done in a healthy manner while most had their morality confused by people and institutions claiming to be righteous while performing massive hypocrisies within the perpetuation of prejudice. Children can be incredibly smart but their curiosity gets killed when they are told, "this is the way it is so stop asking questions," as the actions demanded go against common senses until unconsciousness is bred instead. Being a good kid primarily consisted of being quiet and obeying without question, especially because parents are not by any means immune to cognitive dissonance and projecting insecurities upon their children. Coupled with cuts to education funding and overburdened teachers being a disrespected profession alongside overpriced college tuition, anti-intellectualism becomes a defense mechanism as the truth of our being becomes too painful to look upon while class warfare divides those who can afford better. That truth necessitates gratitude of our forefathers while witnessing their sins, and it requires our appreciation for modern luxuries while addressing the exploitation of consciousness leading to our planet's downfall. That truth requires us to acknowledge how much pseudo-intellectualism comes from prejudice and bias that is centered in obedience to false authorities leaving us caught in ego-traps justifying a false worldview that needs a scapegoat to blame for it’s societal failures. That truth needs us to realize how interconnected we are, how there are no half-breeds in the human race but simply the perpetuation of life through thick and thin as life on this planet slowly approaching a crisis point.
The western world has thrived conquering the world and implementing itself as a wartime powerhouse, dominating indigenous cultures across the globe while destroying their legends and stories during globalization. The mindset of having second-class citizens requires the belief that certain groups humans have less consciousness and awareness, treating them as inferior while their minds are crushed and spirits are broken with history being written by the victor. The spiritually-bankrupt westerners will laugh at the stories of monsters while missing two key facts; the majority of monster stories are devolved humans who lost their soul to lust, hunger, anger, or grief, and the people who told these stories were all-too-often murdered by those seeking power over others. The current iteration of globalization is only the latest in a long line of this hateful virus that has occupied ever corner of the globe in one manner or another, but by far the most oppressive upon all cultures down to the bacterial biome in our guts. The deceiver works through the hands and faces of men whose hearts are filled with foulness, inhumane monsters infecting others with unquenchable desires that destroy the consciousness it comes in contact while victims cast further shadows by their embedded fear showing as hatred. In this veil of darkness cast by intellect polluted by sociopathy, those with insatiable hunger and lust feed upon the innocent as these monsters spread their infection among their prey. The western world is geared to make us feel like we aren’t enough unless we get this next thing, accomplish this next milestone, or please every whim of unhealthy master; this broken state makes our consciousness easily programmable to suit the virus’s needs. (TW) The most violent iteration of this is the physical rape of submissive genders that has seeded in every web of the human tree, but this virally toxic mindset allowing such violence in word or action to overpower the consciousness of others is the true sense of the crime that has affected every aspect of our Mother Earth. The intoxication one feels from holding such power over others is that of abyssal darkness, an immense sensation that a human sells their soul within. We don’t have the stories or numbers of how many slaves have succumbed to this persecution over millennia but their bones still fertilize our growth as the work of good men have attempted to solve our pains, only for all those humans’ attempts to be taken for profit by unending greed.
To be awake means to look for reality in its full truth instead of a dream, to see life for its magnificence, to witness the pain and shadows for what they are, and to catch things both physical and ephemeral falling in your aura. To be conscious is to be watching, listening, observing, interacting with the electrochemical reactions creating a vivid reality to behold. To be awake and conscious is to be witnessing depth within the processes occurring in your surroundings and yourself, heeding the sunlight carried on the air and listening to the source of sound instead of the noise itself. To be awake and conscious in this present day means to behold the struggle of humanity's consciousness battling against deception and hatred that are serving forces of destruction, overcoming the curses of intergenerational trauma that are carried in the greatest depression this earth has seen and linger in the scars left from intense trauma while weighted by immense pollution. It is difficult work to accept all these pains that must exist in the grand scheme leading to this moment while we harbour attention and intention towards healing what is present before us, and the heaviest focus should be upon learning own dishonesty whether intentional or not as we figure out how to accurately decipher our inner feelings. Humanity is faced with the greatest disease of our existence, one much deeper and more dangerous than Covid, one annihilating our planet because of the widespread virus holding collective unconsciousness, and it is within the purification of this disease we will find a cure for the rest. To make peace with the struggle it must first be recognized in its entirety, for if one is not aware of the battle then peace is not truly being made, and if peace isn’t the true intention then there is only a stopgap. The struggle is a part of life for all but suffering is caused when you are expecting yourself to have a different feeling than what is present; when one’s intention is peace then the emotional confusion begins finding clarity through discovery of what grief needs to be shed rather than stewing in misery since happiness isn’t present.
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2021.12.01 21:03 temporarycreature White Men Can't Jump Is Getting A Remake

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2021.12.01 21:03 Newnhtime Negative rating cascade effect

Anyone else notice this happen? I never seem to get a single poor review. If I get one, I'll be sure to get at least two more within the next 7 days or less. I was at 100% for over a month and making risky calls whilst multiapping. I told myself that if I got even one negative review on UE that I'd chill out and not stack concurrent deliveries between apps. I never got that bad rating. Instead I got a warning from Uber about my last few trips taking longer than what GPS thinks they should take. Well, fine. I really stopped doing concurrent, multi-app orders.
A little more than a week later I notice my rating goes down to 99%. "Fuck!", I thought. Pushing that one bad rating out is going to take weeks. I' sure most of you know, but you need to get 100 ratings to push an undesirable rating out. As I'm sure we all know, only a small fraction of customers actually leave a rating at all. Also, customers are more likely to bitch over a mediocre experience than praise a positive experience. 24 hours late and I notice I'm down to 97%. Goddamn, this really pissed me off. I always check for drinks and follow delivery instructions. So what the actual fuck? I really think Uber owes us the opportunity to analyze the downvoted delivery and force the customer to give a concise reason for the bad rating. A dispute and review process would help too.
Until then, I think I may refuse any deliveries going to apartment buildings. I'm 99.9% of all my bad ratings came from deliveries going to apartments. Now I have no problem bringing something up, provided there is a safe place for me to stop without worrying about getting a ticket. Because many luxury buildings aren't allowing people up, and many customers tell me to leave it in the lobby when I buzz them. I decided I would only attempt to bring an order up if explicitly requested to do so in the delivery instructions. And sorry, I'm not buzzing you at all if it's a delivery past 10pm. I can't clarify with everyone about what their expectations are and cater to all these different needs when everyone expects that their expectations are obvious. It's rarely worth the trouble and negative reviews. So if I get an order going to an apartment building I think I'm just going to straight up pass.
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2021.12.01 21:03 ReviewEquivalent1266 Trump officials who claimed the CIA's rank and file was filled with child molesters were called conspiracy theorists. CIA files now prove staffers committed sex crimes involving children and federal prosecutors refused to charge them. Declassified CIA inspector general report proves Trump was right.

Trump officials who claimed the CIA's rank and file was filled with child molesters were called conspiracy theorists. CIA files now prove staffers committed sex crimes involving children and federal prosecutors refused to charge them. Declassified CIA inspector general report proves Trump was right. submitted by ReviewEquivalent1266 to Deplatformed_ [link] [comments]

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team fortress 2
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2021.12.01 21:03 wtfjostin [US-CA] [H] Keycult 2/65 & Mode65 Lilac Top/Bottom [W] PayPal

Hey All,
I'm starting to clear out my collection as I start to make my way to only keeping boards that truly bring joy to me. Not looking for any trades at this point. I'd prefer to work with serious inquires only and as always please comment before PMing.

Item Description Price Sold to
Keycult 2/65 By Keycult standards this is B-Stock. According to the auth card it says that there is a mark on the bottom right of the case by I cannot seem to locate it. Additionally there is a bit of oxidation on the brass weight. I got it like this from the previous owner. I personally have not even built this board. Comes with brass plate, howswap PCB and other picture accessories. $3,500 OBO
Lilac Mode65 Top & Bottom case This was originally bought for my girlfriend but she took a liking to some of the other extra tops that I had bought so no need for these any longer. Both are still factory sealed and box was only opened for pictures. $225 Shipped (retail + tax)
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2021.12.01 21:03 reemm99 Kann die einer spielen dm

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