7tysb n97yz 92535 sb3dr 7iy78 dsy5z b2dze eadaz 4aht4 b964d h2n5t k8984 z9r3z y6z27 hn8s8 2t7si a38rt r5sr3 fa3z4 iez85 tefr2 BreezeCraft Season 4 [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Java} {1.18} {Hermitcraft-inspired} {Whitelist} {Dynmap} {Soft 18+} |

BreezeCraft Season 4 [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Java} {1.18} {Hermitcraft-inspired} {Whitelist} {Dynmap} {Soft 18+}

2021.12.01 15:34 Visparu BreezeCraft Season 4 [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Java} {1.18} {Hermitcraft-inspired} {Whitelist} {Dynmap} {Soft 18+}

Hello everyone!
We are a small to medium sized community of currently around 20 active Minecraft players. Our community is mainly located in Europe and North America, with all different kinds of play styles. Our server has been around since April 2020 and we are just about to start our fourth world/season with the release of Minecraft version 1.18.
Since a few players had to become inactive due to stricter time constraints in their lives or just feeling burnt out with Minecraft, we are looking for new members to get our player base back up to around 25-30 active players.
Our server philosophy is, like with many other servers, quite similar to the Hermits' approach. Ultimately though we just want everyone to have fun and to engage with each other.
Nonetheless, we will list a few key features that you will find on our server:

Since our community is most important for us, we would like to have a brief voice chat with you before whitelisting you on the server. Do not be shy though, we (usually) don't bite :p
The rules on Breezecraft are quite loose. If you know Hermitcraft, we want to offer a similar experience, rule-wise. But to get more specific, basically they boil down to the following points:
We do use a few plugins and datapacks to facilitate community projects and counteract some downfalls of long-running worlds. Here are a few of the most prominent ones:
The application process is as follows:
  1. Please copy the form below and fill it out in the comments below this post. Once the application procedure is over, you are of course free to remove your reply if you don’t want that information to linger here. Alternatively, you may send this information to me as a private message if you don’t want it to be publicly visible.
  2. Add Visparu#2390, Fix_20#1137 or PringleThingle#9187 on Discord. We will review your information and add you to our Discord server.
  3. On the Discord server, we will prompt you to join someone from our moderation team in a brief voice chat once you are free, where we will get to know you a little, introduce the server further and clear up any questions you might have.
  4. If everything is in order at this point, we will grant you the necessary roles on the Discord server and add you to the Minecraft server whitelist.
Application Form:
Minecraft Username:
Age: <18+ preferred, but we do consider all applications>
Time Zone:
Preferred Playstyle: <e.g. Building, Redstone, Exploration>
Discord Username: <e.g. xyz#1234>
The new season will go live as soon as the first 1.18 Paper version releases, although you are free to apply afterwards, of course. The Paper team usually needs about a week or two to release a stable version for a new major Minecraft version but this may vary slightly.
We would love to welcome you to our community and look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the server!
Best regards,
Your Breezecraft Team :)
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2021.12.01 15:34 Bonus1Fact @iangk Yeah... we messed up the choices. He's the new one.

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2021.12.01 15:34 mycoangelo- Progress in my soon to be winter hot composting pile! 🤪

Third times a charm! pictures here is my last up date! And since then I've turn a coupla times, added some kitchen scraps, about a gallon of hydrated fuel pellets, 1 newspaper and between 15-20 gallons of rabbit turds.
The last few turns I still have been adding moisture but last night I am thinking I either need more brown material or to stop watering. Last night I did not do my conventional move the pile turn method I essentially just aerated by pulling it out and down as far as I could. My thermometer has read (when I've checked), the high end of active so it's either getting hot or getting close by a sliver of degrees.
My only concern is the white that I uncover in the hottest spots. It kinda looks like spots on leaves or from a distance, dew on the pile. I'm under the impression that Actinomycetes are the responsible party. My only concern is that I was trying to look into them and it seems like they may be bad/a problem unless you're growing brassicas and I don't think I will be or wi be much as peppers don't grow well by them. A few of the sources said that it opens plants up to pests and disease and I'm kinda worried about that. Should I aerate more frequently and turn ever couple or few days or should I keep it every other day? I'd like to keep it mostly aerobic
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2021.12.01 15:34 Julianm005 Anyone tried this scalping technique?

Anyone tried scalping with 20/50/100 EMA and Williams fractals?
What is your reward/loss ratio and does this actually work or make sense with fees?
I wanted to try this with crypto (bitpanda pro), also im fairly new to trading in general.
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2021.12.01 15:34 blahblahblah384759 Was about to buy the game this morning, went to quickly walk the dog and the price went back to normal, sorry bezos I know I let you down

Lol if there was ever a divine signal to not buy this game that was it.
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2021.12.01 15:34 Natural_Extent_1339 That smile

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2021.12.01 15:34 gokupuffs Mini-Documentary on Bjergsen

For those that might not hop on the main sub, I thought I'd share this cool mini-documentary I put together on Bjergsen.
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2021.12.01 15:34 pacman_gordon Who Had Microchip Implants to Track “Vaccination Status” on Dystopian BINGO?

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2021.12.01 15:34 defreebiebuddy Womens Hiking Pants (All Sizes Available) $40, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.12.01 15:34 Bacon3011 Selling Cards for Wishlist

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2021.12.01 15:34 rebels2022 The Sopranos vs Boardwalk Empire

Hope this is allowed, if not I apologize and delete. I am relatively new to the Sopranos, watched it the first time and then when I finished I started it right back up again. As I near the end of my second watch I was thinking about knocking out some other prestige TV shows. I was curious how Boardwalk Empire compares to Sopranos? I know there's some overlap in writers and Steve Buscemi. Is there any humor? Supporting characters as meaningful as Paulie or Silvio? Thanks.
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2021.12.01 15:34 DemUnderground Biden finished his presser with "I don't care about the former president "

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2021.12.01 15:34 jebaderr M9 isn't gone yet

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2021.12.01 15:34 OrwellWasRight69 U.S. Satellites Are Being ATTACKED Every Day, According To Space Force General

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2021.12.01 15:34 AppleStingray I have lost my passion for drawing

It is not fun anymore, it is not enjoyable. I want to draw but everytime I start… I see where it is going wrong and I have no skill to fix it. I see that it is anatomically wrong and I get fixated to it. Can't continue anymore after trying to fix it a couple times.
I know I should stop when I feel slightly ok about the drawing, so I would get "positive rewards". But it is not there and if it is, I should stop after 5 mins which frustrates me.
Oh well… I don't even have time for drawing… and I would like to use it to develop my skill but draw something I enjoy, yet it feels like an impossible combination… So why should I bother?
I am also getting jealous of my sister who has time to draw and who has improved immensely in a few months.
Here I am stuck… wanting to draw but everytime I start… it is just awful… so damn awful...
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2021.12.01 15:34 caitibug12 Shout out the commenter who posted this on the Duggars FB😂

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2021.12.01 15:34 Dumdumcandi sad

Grieving a death atm and going thru a breakup. I miss my ex even more now. How can I cope?
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2021.12.01 15:34 jaredardoin22 [Positive] for u/pmgeek (Seller)

Great seller, price, and very fast shipping!
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2021.12.01 15:34 LikeARollingRock Mental health at an all-time high this year

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2021.12.01 15:34 Bill_IronFist78 I'm moving to Utah

For some background, I'm a Senior in highschool. I moved away from Utah six years ago and now my family's moving back to Utah. My parents are still making me go to church and seminary even though I've made it clear several times that I don't want to attend. I'm gonna try to convince them to not make me go, but in the very likely chance that they still make me attend, I don't want to pretend at church and in seminary that I believe. I'm wondering what would be a firm, but fair way, to tell people at church and seminary I don't believe or if I should even bother telling them at all? All I know for sure, is that I'm sick of pretending to believe in something I don't.
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2021.12.01 15:34 maraxush Update a Coronáról

Megjött a dokinak a teszteredmény, az új, omikron variánst kaptam el. Ma volt teljes védőfelszerelésben nálam, ki kérdezett, milyen tüneteket észlelek. Láz, köhögés, aztán nagyon magas láz. Jelenleg 39,6.
Azt mondta, ha tovább romlik az állapotom, azonnal hívjam fel. Megadta a személyes mobil számát. Kórházba egyelőre nem kell mennem.
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2021.12.01 15:34 CluelessSerena No More

It cut through the room like knives, seeping into forgotten corners and blinding any in Its path. It blisters skin in Its wake, causing flesh to peel and slough off like a perverted winter wonderland. It takes away the very water necessary for the survival of all things and even so does all this and more without remorse. Without pity or concern. Without so much as a backward glance at the destruction it leaves behind.
No one can agree on where it came from, only that there was a quiet peace before it birthed itself from the void. Wherever such a thing came from I can only hope to never visit.
Sure, there are creams that can less the radiation but even the slightest exposure can leave a body... altered. Coverings, mechanical assistances, mere trivialities in the face of such an adversary.
We have mastered this world in so many ways. Diseases that once brought us to our knees are barely a hinderance, injuries that would have left us lame before are healed swiftly, and the physics of reality now understood enough to work to our benefit rather than detriment. How I dream of the wonders we could create, the paradise we would inhabit, if not for this vile agony.
Our lives have been spent in fear of this great harbinger of pain, dutifully trying to rid our home of the growths that spring up when it ravages the very earth we once lovingly felt shift through our toes. Those late-night walks with loved ones are so few and far between now, even the sky is littered with spots, wounds, from that residual sickness.
During the day we huddle together, rarely in any large number or with any prolonged reprieve. With these limitations it has taken us so long, but we have planned. There will be an end to this tortured existence of constantly hiding, cowering, there has to be. There will be.
My family was lucky, the largest pocket of us to survive unhindered for so long and only by burying ourselves deep underground. Alone we were able to venture out to others by taking refuge under the beds of beasts and in the deepest parts of the wilderness all to reach the others with our plan. Our roadmap to salvation.
I have never been more terrified than that first sprint away from home, hoping that the fates were kind and would let me breathe just long enough to spread the word. This is my hundredth trip, and I wish I could say I’ve gotten braver, but I feel that perhaps I have just gotten numb. If I’m being honest, I don’t know if I ever thought this day would truly come.
Yet, here it is, I can see it. I watch from the safety of the darkness as the light fades away. No more sunlight. No more stars. No more terror. We are free.
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2021.12.01 15:34 CherrySad7050 you like my artistic style? call me NOW so I can show you that you are unique and have your own style! [artist]

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2021.12.01 15:34 lileggroll129 Best course in Salt Lake City and surrounding area

I'm going on a trip for about a week next month to Salt Lake City with my girlfriend. It's not a golf trip so I won't have my clubs but I was hoping to get at least one round in somewhere. Any course recommendations? Hopefully weather will be decent to me.
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2021.12.01 15:34 prettifloofy Battle.net Transaction History - potentially missing

Hello, does anyone know if purchased Battle.net Balance shows up on your Transaction History on your online battle.net account (in the lefthand menu)? I bought one with a debit card, and had another code my brother sent me via email. I'm not sure if I used them, and I'd just like to know if I have to go through all my stuff to find them or not. If they show up on Transaction History I need to look for them (because my transaction history is blank). If they don't, well, I'll still have to look, but then I'll have some hope at least.
Weird question but I'd appreciate it if you know that you bought Blizz Balance and could check on your battle.net account!
Much love and appreciation.
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