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Chewing Gum

2022.01.16 16:32 AlternateWorking90 Chewing Gum

Does anyone else log gum when they chew it? When I spit it out, I don’t count it.
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2022.01.16 16:32 Tumdian DUDE!?! Is the AI smarter on harder difficulty ??!?

I was playing yesterday on a really good tribal run. About a year in and virtually no raids or anything. Thinking dang I turned the difficulty up and nothing is happening this is weird. Then I accept a quest for a raid to come. They drop in and totally ignored my kill zone. Dudes literally sat with 3 grenadiers and bombed the side of the mountain to break into my base. Went to my supply room, jacked all the valuable art work in my base, then grenaded out the other side to escape.
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2022.01.16 16:32 cutiepiedaily pp

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2022.01.16 16:32 crooksylawd HELP PS4 DS2 ALDIAS KEEP SM 1385914

Damn mirror phantoms are toying with my sanity
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2022.01.16 16:32 THErealsaintedc Is there supposed to be a remnant icon thing there

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2022.01.16 16:32 zeleznikladivec Gornja hrvatska Podravina

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2022.01.16 16:32 lilybgs would anyone take goth lolita skirt for val heels and small adds?

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2022.01.16 16:32 Schlitzbomber This is the way

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2022.01.16 16:32 Prufessor_Oak Super Mario 64 Widescreen on Xbox Series S

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2022.01.16 16:32 Mustang302_ I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.

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2022.01.16 16:32 dustybawls4u Anyone know good ways to farm crafting materials?

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2022.01.16 16:32 Double-Hand-5333 Jemand Bock auf sie zu wixxen mit Bilder von der dm

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2022.01.16 16:32 Bromageddon Got a hundo Meltan, but the shiny never seems to spawn

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2022.01.16 16:32 unluckypup is reddit like a big thing from where you are? just like snap or insta, is it that common?

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2022.01.16 16:32 FrenchySXM What do you do to keep occupied during a snowstorm?

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2022.01.16 16:32 PretzelsThirst Whitehorse Yukon - Exploring its part in the Gold Rush & Off Grid Log Cabin

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2022.01.16 16:32 Still-Secret3700 Still having small doubts

Im getting better, my feelings to females are coming back, I always worry that im not paying attention to females as much as I should, before hocd I would always get sexual thoughts about women now theyre not as common, intrusive thoughts are fading away, I usually think of them myself to ensure im not gonna get an erection or im not turning gay, I only ever get a couple groinals. I am still always focused on my actions, I think the things I do look gay. Or I will turn bi. It is safe to say I am straight, i can say that with happiness and relief now. I still get doubts sadly and mixed feelings, I am desensitized and numb to all thoughts, but when I think of romantic thoughts with a woman I sort of smile and am joyful, but I cannot think of kissing a girl properly without getting nervous for some reason. When I see straight porn I get confused and worried because I dont know who is arousing me. Idk if I felt this in my first deal with hocd, I might of, I just cant remember I didnt want to remember.
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2022.01.16 16:32 V1vidCha0s Adding to our competitors! u/GalaxyOpal56's submission to the Vacation Days art challenge!

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2022.01.16 16:32 TheMayMayMakers A complete different era, (Post by u/anotherformerlurker)

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2022.01.16 16:32 Large-Wheel-4181 Godzilla (Godzilla) vs Shai-Hulud (Dune)

Curious to know how you think it would end
Can the king of the monsters be able to defeat a giant sandworm
View Poll
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2022.01.16 16:32 red_eye1999 [Product] ... Sigh. Posted by someone on the local dollar store group.

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2022.01.16 16:32 betterbetsbetterbets True

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2022.01.16 16:32 icecreamterror Herbalism Kit Antitoxin chart?

After looking into the Herbalism Kit, and its line:

Also, proficiency with this kit is required to create antitoxin and potions of healing.
Found a chart of making potions of healing in XgtE, but was not able to find the same info on Antitoxin's
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2022.01.16 16:32 ComprehensiveHippo86 sports physical questions

hi, this may be a stupid question but i need to have a sports physical done and i know that one of the questions they will ask is if i have ever stayed over night in a hospital. i have stayed in a behavioral hospital for mental health problems but i have never stayed in a hospital for physical problems, would i say yes or no?
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2022.01.16 16:32 bigdoinks6669 Chin is blogbusser, Young Jamie is neggflix, B

For the few that make it through a pawldcast you gotta agree here. Chin can’t pull nothing up, constant issues, suspected serial killer, the list goes on B. He’s Bizzaro Young Jamie, bapa. Couldn’t be a better fit to this circus of a pawldcast. I mean water weed dune hair
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