h3hra k8ens 2tekf 6aa4z 94er3 szirs k3fzd f8bkk t963k aykai 9aadr 3zaab tn439 7779h hshbf yd48e a7eba z5z25 2eer7 ei5bh bi4ik I turned my main oc into a logo | (• ◡•)| | Yellowness (Overlord NPC-SI/OC) | SpaceBattles

I turned my main oc into a logo | (• ◡•)|

Story of an OC/SI/Whatever getting hit by Truck-kun and isekaied into Overlord. But not as an all powerful Supreme Being, or even a high Level Player. No, they were turned into an NPC of the Tomb of Nazarick at the height of Ainz Ooal Gown in Yggdrasil. Warped and twisted into a glorified... The O.C. is an American teen drama television series created by Josh Schwartz that originally aired on the Fox network in the United States from August 5, 2003, to February 22, 2007, running a total of four seasons. "O.C." is an initialism of Orange County, the location in Southern California in which the series is set.. The series centers on Ryan Atwood, a troubled and gifted young man from a ... I was fooling around, and the +1 and -1 octaves turned up with no dry signal is a super cool sound - ran through my Rotosphere, it almost turns into a spaceship. I had the original OC-2 years ago, and there is no comparison - having the +1 octave allows for an excellent Octavia sound when paired with the right overdrive. What type of paint colour is Collingwood? Collingwood is a warm gray that’s warmer than a traditional gray paint colour, but NOT warm enough to step into the taupe end of things.. What is a warm gray? Traditionally, gray is a cool colour with either blue, green or purple undertones.Once you add a bit of brown-beige to the mix, it becomes a warm gray (it’s actually way more technical than ... If you post a video with a strobe effect you must include a seizure warning in the title of your post. Spoilers for the current chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga must be tagged at all times outside of the dedicated threads. When creating a topic to discuss those spoilers, put a warning in the title, and keep the title itself spoiler free. The list groups them based on affiliation (heroes, pros, randoms, etc). I shall not give names as of yet, but expect each one to obtain a profile at some point in time. Please note that all of these quirks belong to my characters and my characters only. Please DO NOT steal any of these quirks. They belong to each of my characters. Yeah the title is a mouthful, but after finishing Origins once again, I started thinking. To my recollection, there are only 3 characters in the Dragon Age series who appear in each game, no matter the choices/world state. 10528567 You my fine sir, or madam, have predicted a future season 4 episode. Also, good lyrics, except Blueskin Peacock is a stallion (named after George Washington's and Hamilton's horses). And thank you kindly, I know it seems that he's just PART of the main story, but believe me, there are a lot of changes that are gonna go by. Ok, I posted a black and white version of this oc in the last thread but here’s one in color bc I got off my lazy ass and made one. This is my non-binary character, Cartheise. Cartheise lives in a world where a certain condition must be met before a power can be used (ex: man causes torrential rain when an umbrella is open above his head). White Dove OC-17. White Dove by Benjamin Moore is always one of my favourites! ... My husband and I just painted all the main rooms in our small two story condo pale oak (living room, dining area, stairwell and small upstairs hallway). ... After the whole house was painted, I found that four rooms had turned the color of violet tinged concrete ...

2022.01.16 16:03 _kilui_ I turned my main oc into a logo | (• ◡•)|

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2022.01.16 16:03 cryptonana47 چشم ہو تو آئینہ خانہ ہے دہر

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2022.01.16 16:03 HalfDayArmy Water Intake and Size/Frequency of Kidney Stones

I don't pass kidney stones that often (only had two "small" ones in 7 years) but for you more frequent sufferers, have you noticed any difference in the size and/or frequency of your kidney stones by just increasing water intake and (mostly) avoiding very high oxalate food like spinach?
I had my second stone recently - I did my best to avoid spinach but didn't realize a lot of the food I eat (beans, nuts, etc.) have medium to high oxalate content. My water intake is generally terrible (I would estimate, on average, less than 1L per day).
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2022.01.16 16:03 Kamehamehaas help me identify what's going on please! first time using the set up (in comments)

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2022.01.16 16:03 gifyymonket245 dm me im so horny

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2022.01.16 16:03 teaecetyrannis (workaround) I finally realized how to read from a table named $0-something from within clone instances!

(workaround) I finally realized how to read from a table named $0-something from within clone instances! I made a polyphonic granular synth, everything was perfect except for one thing: I wasn't able to name my sample and window tables $0-sample and $0-window since I used clones for the voices, which themselves had a clone inside for the grains that make each voice. The grains needed access to the sample and the window tables, and since every clone instance has its own $0 variable I ended up giving those tables global names which meant I could only ever use a single instance of the synth at once otherwise there would be conflicts.
I just realized a workaround, feels quirky but works perfectly: I have a [loadbang] connected to an [f $0] on the main patch, then pass the value to all the voice clones just to get it passed again to all the grain clones, then I just connected the value to messages such as [set $1-sample( connected to every tabread4~.
I also found out something else in the process that you may find useful: when loading samples into tables, I couldn't type $0-sample in the read message since it would read that as 0 instead of the actual value of $0. So I did the following:

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2022.01.16 16:03 5igorsk Что хочет женщина.. до революции

Что хочет женщина.. до революции
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2022.01.16 16:03 Dear_Web_5339 my bestfriend/cousin of 16 years has recently had a glow up and became a terrible person. What do I do… (summary at the end)

Hi. Buckle up because this is a lot..So I’m f(16) and my best friend/cousin of my whole life has been acting very oddly lately. A little backstory, we’re both the same age and both (f) and have been attached at the hips intill recently. My mom has been abusive to me my whole life and lots of people just put it past her because she’s crazy. I’m not the first kid she’s abused and hurt (she has 4 kids in total 2 girls 2 boys she abused me and my sister more because she hates girls. But my other brother and sister are older so they’ve been moved out) I made sure I would be the last that she would abuse. So when she kicked me out a little while back I didn’t go back, and life has been rough. I don’t go to school, I’m on runaway status, and I have no money nor a job to my name because I need parental consent.
Anyways, since life has changed for me im not a normal teenager anymore. I’m basically a adult fending for my life. So me and my cousin are now two different people. We can’t relate to the same things. But, it doesn’t excuse the ways she’s been acting since it’s basic human decency, and me being more ‘mature’ shouldn’t matter. She still has no way to act like this. My cousin lives a pretty good life, both mom and dad, 2 brothers she has great relationships with, her mom is the best cooks every night(my fav aunt!), and they sit for dinner like a family. Go to my little cousins basketball games every Saturday as a family and cheer him on, she has a bf who lives up the street they hang everyday, her siblings love him, and she has friends she hangs out with a lot. And good job, good money. She finally has the life we dreamed for as teens when we were younger.
even tho I can no longer live that life I still cheer her on from afar. I love she’s finally happy and it gives me hope. I’m proud, even if we started to fall off.She’s even been losing weight again, and she’s just beautiful. But that’s where the problems start to come in.. when we were younger there was one point in time where she was very skinny. (For reference we are known as ‘fat’ because we both have very mature bodies. Even with no stomach, we come from a family that usually doesn’t have mature bodies if that makes sense. ‘Big butts&bigboobs’ are looked down on. Even tho that’s the social media beauty standards my family doesn’t have it, and hates anyone who does.One of the reasons my mom hated me.)
so at this time when she was very skinny, she acted weird towards me. Like she was better then me. didn’t want to hang with me, made weird comments. And was very boujee & stuck up. We even laughed about it when we got older, and she always apologizes. But it’s happening again. She has lost weight again because she had Covid and couldn’t eat much. (Her words) and she looks great! She finally got the body she wanted. I have also lost weight. But I’m 4’11 .. thick. So having a flat stomach doesn’t matter when ur body is mature. And I have very bad body dysmorphia.
We decided to hang out again after so long (this weekend) and she’s been making lots of comments about her body near me. Saying how she’s so big and fat, has a fat stomach, and just.. much more. She says this around me knowing I’m a little bigger then her. I kept reassuring her.. telling her she looks great. And she only has lose skin from losing weight. She even mentioned how she’s now a size 6 in jeans.. like that was ‘to big’ even tho she sized at least 4 sizes down.
She’s been snarky to me, even pointed out my s/h?? Which she never used to do. When we were watching a show a trans girl came in the movie and she laughed about how the girl was a guy, and no one should change. (She’s never really cared about that) and I defended the girl because who cares what someone else does what their body honestly. She kept trying to get me to say slurs towards other races.. and laughed in my face around her family about how I won’t be transphobic, racist, or homophobic. She said ‘wow my name is so boring she won’t be homophobic or even racist” it was so awkward. I tried to laugh it off and say I really couldn’t care less what someone else does with their life. And I have a gay brother.. she knows that. She loves him, he’s everyone’s favorite. And a bi sister who she adores and looks up to.So I don’t understand how she could talk so bad about people like him when she’s obsessed with him. Aswell as my sister.
I always think about if I was to ever be put in a situation of coming out, and how I would want people to support me. That’s why I support lgbtq and obviously don’t like racists. Because I am a poc myself. It really rubs me the wrong way that’s she’s becoming what we used to make fun of her for being as a kid. I’m thinking about going back to my little hideout and ghosting her. I always feel unwanted at her house anyways because my mom has harassed her family for trying to help me in the past. So there’s honestly no reason for me to be here. I’m sick of her putting me down to uplift herself. She’s the only person I have and could call on, because i now have no friends. But we went from ft every night, telling eachother everything to dry texting every couple of days, or her calling me with some problem with her bf or getting a new vape needing my help. (I don’t even vape!!)I’m sick of it. Should I ghost her when I leave?
summary: my best friend/ cousin and me have been falling off because my abusive mom kicked me out months ago so I can no longer be a teen. And she is the teen we’ve dreamed for as kids. Since getting her dream lifestyle/dream body. She’s became snarky and rude towards me. And as a person in general. She has started being homophobic/fatphobic/racist/and transphobic since her glow up. Putting me down to uplift herself, and making fun of me for not doing what she does. Should I ghost her?
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2022.01.16 16:03 Phatfists Financial crisis! Money plant not doing so well.

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2022.01.16 16:03 The-Karga Cyst Popping Video

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2022.01.16 16:03 MOTUkraken Want to get into historic, I'm f2p what should I do?

I played for a while already, have 30k gold and some Wildcards, never made my own deck and now want to get better, maybe make an UW control deck? Will that stay competitive?
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2022.01.16 16:03 FUTretard Who do you upgrade first? Have X factors: Draisaitl 93, Mathews 90, Mackinnon 90, Carlson 90, Kucherov 88 (4th liner) with Kopitar, Aho, Fox, Kaprizov and Kane out of my squad.

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2022.01.16 16:03 Fuckingliberalzz This Is Fine.

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2022.01.16 16:03 Joaquin-RR are updates/expansions coming?

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2022.01.16 16:03 Bonus1Fact Are we permitted to point out the obvious yet about the Covid-19 vaccines?

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2022.01.16 16:03 00derek Watts/Grundfos hot water recirculation pump bad?

Watts (Grundfos) hot water recirculation pump Model: 500803. Installed between 12 and 24 months ago. Working well until recently. How long are they lasting in your experience? I think mine is bad. It's not providing quick hot water at the furthest faucet like it used to.
I just replaced the under-the-sink bypass and it didn't fix the problem; I know the new one is working because I turned off the cold water under the sink. Then I opened the faucet to cold and water came out (this is from the hot water side). As water heats up the bypass, it eventually closes and the "cold" water flow stops.
Another test suggests the pump is bad. I closed cold water into the water heater. Opened the sink faucet to hot, flow slows down to a trickle but doesn't completely stop (normal right?). When I turn the recirc pump on it hums, but doesn't increase the flow at the faucet - I was expecting even just a slight increase, but no change.
Should I expect the recirc flow to pump water if the cold supply to tank is closed? If the answer to that is YES, then I think my pump is bad.
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2022.01.16 16:03 TomasFatality ONE OF MY BEST BASE EVER

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2022.01.16 16:03 Wallflower195 Spot on Ad!

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2022.01.16 16:03 stinkerwren Maltese Inu ( The Shiba Inu killer ) | x1000 potential | Strong Rapid Growing Community | Low MC | Major CEXs confirmed | Join Today

Diamond handed 💎 🤲 community holding strong after 1 hour of launch. Still almost at launch ATH
If you’ve been around you know that THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RARE AND EVEN UNHEARD OF!!
🚨 Maltese Inu is the absolute forerunner in sending an Airdrop to EVERY current Shiba Inu holder! This is a WIN WIN for the Maltese Inu community BECAUSE of being the first coin who ever did this AND by slapping the Shiba Inu Devs who send half of all token to VB who screwed over the entire community!🚨
Telegram: https://t.me/MalteseInu_Group
Contract: 0xd103ddfce38cd1cb45ee49cd6b9005b324ef6d9f
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd103ddfce38cd1cb45ee49cd6b9005b324ef6d9f
Facts and Future
💥 Doxxed Developers
➡️ CMC listing incoming
✅ Listed on CG
✔️ Major Exchanges confirmed
📈 Trended organically on Dextools
🔒 100% Liquidity locked for 2 years : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x01395c93C587c94d03BDb6cDE9eA430368742B55
💻 Exchange friendly, deflationary tax schedule (10%➡️0%)
➡️ True Mining Utility (Holders get paid 💰)
⛏Utility: purchase Doge and Litecoin miners, create a dashboard where the holders can collect the native Doge and Litecoin currencies (perform buy backs and burns)
➡️ Massive Marketing funds
(Paid known celebrity crypto influencers, Merchandise, YouTube, Giveaways and community raids etc )
➡️ Plans to be on the ERC-20 Network
Supply: 3 Billion
Symbol: Maltese
Contract: 0xd103ddfce38cd1cb45ee49cd6b9005b324ef6d9f
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2022.01.16 16:03 Videoman2011 American Taliban

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2022.01.16 16:03 frangg02 That awkward pause.

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2022.01.16 16:03 SovietInquisitor Could Kyler be revealed as Mr Miyagi's grandson in S5 or Season 6?

Chozen will recognize him and reveal the truth to him, initially LaRusso is stunned too at the news.
Kyler joins Miyagi do and defeats Miguela, and becomes the new protagonist of the series going forward, and fulfills his destiny
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2022.01.16 16:03 maybejaye Daemon Prince height?

Hi All!
I’m kitbashing a Daemon Prince to ally to my Beasts of Chaos and wanted to be sure that its dimensions are close to the standard model.
Can anyone tell me how tall (approximately) a Daemon Prince stands? It would be great to get both feet to head and feet to the top of the wings.
Thank you! ❤️
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2022.01.16 16:03 boostonian Go get it

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2022.01.16 16:03 Aymane_ZAwardu666 P2P trading on Lbank

Hey I wanna now if P2P trading is possible on Lbank since i cant use my credit card because it s not supported , i hope that any of u would let me know if it is not possible cuz evry time i try to use P2P i got the message of "we are looking forward to your joining" I would apreciate the help
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