r2adt ds3bs kzaz5 29n2e z75e3 krnbt ytfyz 32bn3 t4kyn dhkt8 sd6ii t2383 hsfra 6e28t nsh3b 25i9k hsrb5 4zrst d3ake bei4b 6dtd6 [OC] Orks, goblyns, ooze and squid heads! 5 Ink and marker drawings by me from ORK! The Roleplaying Game circa 2000 - in the style of classic D&D. |

[OC] Orks, goblyns, ooze and squid heads! 5 Ink and marker drawings by me from ORK! The Roleplaying Game circa 2000 - in the style of classic D&D.

2022.01.16 15:29 torenmcborenmacbin [OC] Orks, goblyns, ooze and squid heads! 5 Ink and marker drawings by me from ORK! The Roleplaying Game circa 2000 - in the style of classic D&D.

[OC] Orks, goblyns, ooze and squid heads! 5 Ink and marker drawings by me from ORK! The Roleplaying Game circa 2000 - in the style of classic D&D.
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2022.01.16 15:29 4cm3 [ios] [Text without address book] [Free] [WhatsApp without adding contacts to your addressbook]

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2022.01.16 15:29 Hfx123 In floor radiant heat and framing walls

Few schools of thought on this and I want to se eig I can't get a clear answer. I do not know what depth the tubes are at and sure they could all deep enough and some could have potentially floated during pour. I've seen it happen so I will not be anchoring into floor
2 questions for those that have done this...

  1. PL bottom plate down? Did you wedge a vertical support to hold it down after gluing or do entire wall at once?
  2. Two part question I guess. Should I use PT for plate? Is it necessary? Is vapour barrier necessary over heated floor?
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.16 15:29 Yuichiro_Hikari MegaMan Roleplay Anyone?

Hello! I’m looking for anyone out there (4 people) who would be interested in writing a MegaMan roleplay with me on Discord. I’m a huge fan of the Battle Network/NT Warrior series, as well as Starforce. Even though I would love to roleplay a story based around either series, I’m cool with a crossover with other MegaMan series. In fact, I have an idea if other verses get involved (Classic and X for example). Whatever we decide to do, I’m looking to play as the following characters:
Chaud Blaze
Dr. Hikari
Dark MegaMan.EXE
Geo Stelar & Omega-Xis (If in a crossover)
While I’m fine with OCs, I’m mostly interested in canon character interactions. I’m also not a fan of one-lining, and would prefer a paragraph or more per reply. One last thing I should mention is that even though I’m of age, I want the RP to be SFW and not a romance driven plot. I’m looking for writers who are into more of the action, sci-fi, and adventure aspects of MegaMan. Well, I think that’s everything. Send me a message if you’re interested so we can discuss more details on Discord. Thanks for reading!
EDIT: 2 more spots left!
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2022.01.16 15:29 SuperHotUKDeals 120GB Integral V Series 2 SATA III 2.5 Internal SSD - £13.98 (+£4.49 non prime) at Amazon

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and its contributors.
£13.98 - Amazon
Not a bad offer.

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2022.01.16 15:29 cubemackie People with logburners/open fires, where do you get your firewood from?

I’d like to hear people’s stories on how they get firewood for their fire/stove. I don’t like paying for the stuff, and enjoy the process of preparing and drying it, and the satisfaction that comes with it when it’s put on the fire.
I’m always on the look for logs to collect and prepare, I can never get enough of the stuff without cutting down trees myself, which I wouldn’t do.
I’ve got one secret spot next to the railway that I know about where cuttings sometimes get left, but I’d love to know of more locations or hear how other people are resourceful when it comes to this.
As the old Chinese proverb says: The man who cuts his own wood warms himself twice.
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2022.01.16 15:29 PrivateIsotope Alphabet City, East Village, NYC 1982 - British band Pride (Featuring Sade Adu) make their first venture to the States

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2022.01.16 15:29 BlanqueSoppa took a walk

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2022.01.16 15:29 beetlecakes Mirrored orb

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2022.01.16 15:29 Oniri_Boy Here's a dumb drawing I made as I'm very excited for The Forgotten Land!

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2022.01.16 15:29 fart_balloon47 how do politicians wrap presents?

With lots of red tape
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2022.01.16 15:29 i_cant_find_a_name3 where can i find 12 guage shells

i play mostly on russia because of the questline and eernie has given 2 shotguns that both need 12 guage shells but idk where to find them my only shells were from the xmas tree from other bluntforces
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2022.01.16 15:29 ReekTheOmega I would kill for a clonegrim model

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2022.01.16 15:29 kirdney04 When should I buy, 89 Nedved and Niakhate?

I was wondering when I should buy the players missing in my team, now or during TOTY?
View Poll
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2022.01.16 15:29 KartGo21 Bots

Hey everyone, do you remember if there was an algorithm to detect bots during club penguin mainly during mining. I have been playing cp Rewritten and on dead servers there is always a bot mining 2 spots on loop and making a lot of money which feels unfair.
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2022.01.16 15:29 journey2k17 Would line work and fine line tattoos look good together?

To give some context, when I had my first rose tattoo (ribs) 5 years ago, I also wanted the fine line style because they look delicate. Since it was my 1st tattoo, I didn’t do any research and just called any shop that can take me in that day. The lines were bold with some shading but I still liked it, it’s something that could go well with line work style tattoos. Even though I love fine line, I’m getting a snake in line work (for reference, check out emy.noemie.tattoo’s ig and her dope work) on my hips and a smaller line work tattoo on my other hip.
I still want to get fine line floral work done soon (for reference, check out mintelephant’s ig and her lovely work) maybe on my other ribs and a smaller one on my arm. My question is, would it look weird that I have some bold line tattoos and some fine delicate lines on others? Should I just stick to line work tattoos and just ask thinner lines if possible without shading to make it closer to fine line?
Ps- sorry I don’t know how to attach photos here while keeping the text!
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2022.01.16 15:29 Shitboxcarkid Skyrim VR to Quest 2

So I really wanna play the pc version of Skyrim vr but on my quest 2 but I don’t have a gaming laptop/Pc do I need one just to run it on virtual desktop or what if so what is like the minimum cheapest specs on one just to do that?
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2022.01.16 15:29 LegendaryGod222 Things I'd like to see in Update 7.0

- Just get rid of maximum rune storage. We are probably at a point where we spend at least once a week selling the less efficient runes which can take hours because you have to +6 them, compare that rune to others, and sell it. If not, I'd like rune storage to increase to like a 1,000 or 1,500.
- Instant upgrade from +12 to +15. Sure it is nice when you go from +12 to +15 in just 3 tries once in a blue moon but it also isn't nice when you are sitting there for 30 minutes +15ing all the runes so that you can finally test out a new unit or a storage unit that just got buffed.
- Rune removal should be free. I feel like 200k~500k mana just for reruneing a unit is way too much even for midgame players and it hinders the progress of early game players so much. It should either be free or like 10k to remove a 6* rune/equip it.
- Rolls. Its really disappointing when you get a 16 spd triple roll or a quad roll hp/atk/def that min rolled and is worse than a triple roll and only just better than a double roll. Instead of spd min rolling into 4 and atk/def/hp% rolling into 5, the min rolls should change. Spd for 6* should be 5-6, hp/atk/def% should be 6-8%, cr is fine, cd should be 5-7%, and ACC should be 5-8%.
- Remove flats from slots 2/4/6 other than spd. It is hard enough getting useable runes. It is harder when a rune with perfect stats on a slot 4 for example is a flat hp instead of hp% or def%. And it is heartbreaking when you get a legend vio/will rune only to find out it is a flat.
- Again, change the rolls. It is really disappointing when you get a legend grind that rolls 5% or hero grind that rolls 4%. Rare grinds should be 4-6%, hero should be 5-7%, and legend grinds should be 7-10%. Spd grinds are fine. On the other hand, gems should be improved too. Rare gems should be 6-8%, Hero should be 8-11%, and legend gems 10-13%. For spd, rare gems should be 4-6, hero should be 6-8, and legend should be 8-10.
- Grind storage should change. Like someone else mentioned on another post, you should be able to have 99 grinds of each and once they stack to 99, auto sell unless it is a legend grind/gem.
- Fix the drop rate in raid in general. When you see a vio hero grind, you get excited only to be disappointed because it is a flat grind. I probably get more flat grinds than % or spd grinds so something should be done so that flat grinds either have equal chance or less chance of being dropped as you go higher (r1 -> r5).
Monster evolution/storage:
- There should be a way to batch evolve 2 star max rainbowmons to 3* and 3* max to 4*. And, it would be nice for monster storage and sealed shrine if you can just search for a monster.
- It would also be nice to be able to search for monsters depending on their rune quality so that if you ran out of your most used mons in seige and trying to come up with a random team, you will know that you won't have to change their runes.
- Either make it so that you can have infinite pure crystals (Those white things dropped by rift dungeons) or lower the drop rates or add something in the craft shop that requires it (Maybe like 3 mystical scrolls weekly that requires pure crystals, attribute essences, etc.
- Lots of monsters need looking at. (Robos, surfers, totemists, 4 stars that are never being used, and so on).
- New 2a. (Maybe hellhound, vagabonds, etc.)
- 2v2 needs a small fix for more people to play. Just add achievements and get RTA medals every match you win like regular rta and more people will play it.
- Special league: Add achievements so that attaining medals is easier and more people will play special league. Also, something extra instead of just medals will probably get more ppl to play. As little as like 5-10 transmog stones for f1-f3, 10-15 transmog stones for c1-c3, and 20~ tranmog stones for g1+
- Better customer service.
- Pity system for mystical and for lds maybe? Nothing crazy but something like guaranteed lightning after 50 scrolls. For mystical scroll maybe 300 and once you get a nat5/lightning, it resets.
- More updates (2a monsters, better updates, etc.).
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2022.01.16 15:29 linbelin Happy Sunday Funday! Love, Coco! @coco_blanc_samoyed

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2022.01.16 15:29 Wonderful_Force_2829 more awesome builds

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2022.01.16 15:29 BBCashmoney So much amazing DD on this page! What coins are you bAABBoons buying?

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2022.01.16 15:29 Theban86 People who cook and lost their sense of smell and taste, how did it change your cooking ability?

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2022.01.16 15:29 libbymaltipoo Jc cleaners

Any recommendations for affordable, reliable cleaners in downtown JC area? Thanks!
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2022.01.16 15:29 ThisisnotTakeko [S/T][USA-NY]Bronica RF645 Medium Format Rangefinder Kit w/ two lenses

For sale is a great condition Bronica RF645 w/ two lenses. Bundle price is $2500, PayPal only, shipping not included. Open to trades and offers.
pics: https://imgur.com/a/1qdyz3F
Bronica RF645 + 65mm F/4 lens $2000
45mm F/4 lens w/ finder $600
Body's condition is good, few stretches on top and bottom plate, functions perfectly. Finder's condition is excellent with no fungus, haze, or separation, few dusts only noticeable under direct light. Both lenses are in mint condition optically and show minimum sign of use.
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2022.01.16 15:29 crytoloover Altcoins To Watch In December? You Vote, We Give Opinions!

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