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2022.01.16 16:51 boibogotthembeats FREE Lil Durk Type Beat | 2022 |" Big Shark "

leave some feedback on my channel appreciate your support
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2022.01.16 16:51 Oswald_Kapelput I've been rewatching the series, and decided to do a 'personal retrospective' - Thoughts?

(Warning: Reddit formatting did not like the way I had my original document constructed, so this may read like a word salad. Sorry!) Hey Friends,
I've watched this series up to and including 'Apocalypse' - there's been great moments and not so great moments, in my opinion. In Canada, the whole series was uploaded to Disney+ recently, so I'm attempting a complete rewatch with some notes. They're not incredibly exhaustive, but they can drone on a tad. I was looking for some feedback if someone would be kind enough to read them (I'm not planning on publishing these anywhere, this is literally just a mental exercise to keep me busy during the day). No real format to them either, sometimes I'll write a summary and sometimes I won't.
Introduction to my 'Retrospective' and the first two episodes are below, in the spoiler tags. Thanks =)
American Horror Story: General Series Thoughts (pre-completion) It’s been a while since I watched this show – I tapped out after the “Apocalypse” season because it seemed a little ‘rote’ and by the numbers at that point. I’ve heard they since came out with a season set in 1984, and also a kind of “double feature”, so why the hell not. Time for a rewatch!
I remember feeling American Horror Story (hereafter referred to as ‘AHS’) was akin to ‘horror lite’ for me. Yes, it’s on FX which allows them some leeway with content, but overall I’ve never really been terrified or even tense during the show. Maybe the name is a misnomer, because if you ignore some of the more ‘obvious’ horror elements the stories can actually get quite interesting.
The shows strongest value was always its premise – with an Anthology show, you really get to have fun making each season different and exploring new ideas. There are slight connections further along in the series, but they’re telegraphed and re-explained for the audiences benefit.
A haunted hotel, a turn of the century ‘Freak Show’, even a meta-narrative style season covering ‘Roanoke’. All really neat set ups, and they’re produced really well from a technical perspective. The sets are great, the makeup (with few exceptions) works very well, and the camera work is fairly by the numbers (not a bad thing by any stretch).
The problems arise when there’s 3 or less episodes left in a season – it almost seems like Mr. Ryan Murphy (The showrunner) and his cadre of writers routinely author themselves into a corner and figure the easiest way out is “Character X or Characters (X) & (Y) kill everyone else (usually with guns)”. Sure, the first time that happens it can be surprising. But after the second or third time, it starts to seem that it’s their writing ‘get out of jail free’ card.
I’ll be re-watching the series to evaluate the storytelling between seasons and episodes, making the odd note if something catches my eye, and perhaps a small summary of the episode if I’m not feeling too mentally drained after.
Pre-rewatch, my favourite and least favourite seasons were: Best: Coven (Had the most complete story, engaging characters, didn’t ‘overextend’ itself)
Runner-up: Roanoke (Bravo for the change of storytelling/film style, some nice subtle effects, overall very well written and performed)
Worst: Freak Show (I...I don’t even know what they were trying to do here. Poor Kathy Bates as the bearded woman, I remember this season meandering all over the place)
Runner Up: Asylum (Way too many plot points at once – Aliens, wtf?)
Honorable Mention: Hotel (BEAUTIFUL set, wonderful episodes early on, plot points left to ‘dangle’ and eventually be ignored, wet fart of a finale)
American Horror Story: Murder House
Ep1: “Pilot”
Full disclosure, I finished this in two parts because I fell asleep during the psychiatric consultation with Tate. Not a bad introduction to the series – a little kid death at the beginning to let you know the house is not to be fucked with, some infidelity between husband and wife – the usual.
The set for the house is absolutely beautiful – rich, warm colours that belie the true nature of the story, some rad murals on the wall (I’d like to paint those on the side of my van), and even a creepy basement! The stage is set for all kinds of super spooky hijinks.
Pilot episodes are usually ‘hit or miss’ - I find this one ‘hit’ for the most part – introductions to the characters were engaging, you have SERIOUS doubts about some of their motivations, and a neat little ‘scare’ sequence towards the end. Oh, and a Gimp suit. That thing keeps coming back in other seasons, so I think Ryan may have something going on at home. Hey, no judgement.
Random Thoughts:
Holy SHIT Alexandra Breckenridge is gorgeous as the maid. I’d gladly spend the rest of my souls immortal life trapped in that house if I got to spend time with her every day
Evan Peters kills it even in Episode 1 – there’s some ‘rage’ moments with him that feel very real. Good casting choice
Larry Harvey (previous owner of the house) had some REALLY good prosthetics/makeup to make him look burnt. Brave choice to have him appear in broad sunlight, but the makeup holds up well and looked sufficiently creepy.
American Horror Story: Murder House
Ep2: “Home Invasion”
Well, this was a fun episode for the most part! The opening teaser has quite a violent little home invasion that is QUITE tense and well done. The best part about the teaser is that it bookends the final act of the episode – I’ve always enjoyed that type of looped narrative, weaved into a larger story.
Larry Harvey coming back to ‘propel’ the story along is a trope that I sometimes find irritating, but the actor portraying him (Denis O'Hare) is throwing himself into the role so much it’s hard not to get invested in his stories. There was an abortion subplot that hit a little close to home for me, but that’s what good media is, right? It should elicit some kind of reaction in you.
Regardless, this seemed more like a “Monster of the Week” episode to prove to us just how dangerous the house could be – narratively, there was nothing to move the plot at large along aside from a few minor elements that will be expanded on later
Random Thoughts:
This is not the 1960s Batman show, can we please give it a rest with the Dutch Angles? I know they’re supposed to create a sense of “unease” but after 25 minutes of them the only unease I felt was in my stomach, like I was seasick.
The elevator dream was hilarious – you could see the outcome coming a mile away, but I’m always up for a good “Chopped in half by an elevator” scene.
The old film trick of “I was here in the background of this scene but now I’m gone” was used heavily in this episode, but it’s such a neat practical effect I’ll never get tired of seeing it – especially when it’s done in the same shot
Tate fucking SLAMMED that Axe into that home invaders guts. Even without a good helping of gore and guts, you could almost feel the impact.
“This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius…..”
If you read this far, you rock. If you didn't you still rock.
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2022.01.16 16:51 Sw4gl0rdM4st3rm1nd [EUW] Jungler LF Clash Team Tier 3 or 2 for fun

IGN: xD4rkridex
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2022.01.16 16:51 LordStrongDong Oof Size Mega

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2022.01.16 16:51 totally_crazy120 26 F Running on no sleep

Off to nights again soon. Let’s chat. Tell me one of your dirtiest secrets 😉
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2022.01.16 16:51 blackoutxxxxxxxx wanted to share these crazy 90s kids i just sold on posh. thermal rub-offs. bummed to see them go!

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2022.01.16 16:51 ResidentEvilForever The Invigilator from Hell

So this year marks 6 years since I sat my final exams and left secondary school (I'm in the UK so we sat GCSEs)
We had this teaching assistant who was our invigilator and was complete monster and would erupt at any minor inconvenience whether it be from a student, teacher, admin etc. She hated me because I opted to take additional GCSEs with my teachers in agreement, in English Literature, Music and Statistics where I was the only student and regularly said under her breath that she wished she was somewhere else and would rather be with any other kid.
She caused a lot of issues, in the Textiles exam, she threatened to rip my best friends paper up because he had put his pen down to have a drink and closed his booklet as he had just finished and was taking a minute before going back to check his answers, I had shown up for my Maths exam slightly late from having a tooth extracted (I was ready and wasn't prepared to postpone) and she refused to let me in and didn't do so until I grabbed the headmaster and then I had to work with everyone else's time and didn't get my full time.
On the day of our Science exam is where she really showed her true colours. We have been given the papers and I had noticed that calculators were allowed, as a result I whipped out my scientific calculator so I could start calculating in the physics portion of the exam as the astronomy section was particularly difficult with numbers as high as ×10⁸. In true fashion she comes over and threatens to rip my paper for having an "unauthorised object" in the exam. I then pointed out to her that calculators were in fact allowed, so she called me a "liar" and made a little rip in to the paper. I stood up and told her in front of everyone else to "Read the F-ing paper" and "back off and put my paper down before I embarrass you in front of every pupil and colleague in this school". Not too long after she walked out and came back in red, with calculators for everybody.
Turns out she tried to get me kicked me out until the head pointed out I was initially right and she had a crying fit. Don't mess with an irate 16 year old gay guy lol
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2022.01.16 16:51 ThrowawayTeddie 26 [M4F] UK/ Anywhere - Anyone wanna chat ?

Looking for people to chat to. I promise in far more interesting that this post gives credit for...
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2022.01.16 16:51 joshgeerks Anyone else has major issues with captures since 1 month?

Since a month or so my captures have delayed audio or no audio at all. Besides that some captures cant be edited/ trimmed. Does anyone have similar issues and/ or a solution? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.16 16:51 Killingstar I don’t even know what to call this.

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2022.01.16 16:51 littelboi The most feared enemy for noobies(?)

Hello there fellow survivors!
Today im here to get more info about a certain topic, that me and my friends have questions about.
Sicknesses, illness, cures.
I know that some of you dont have problems with these enemies, but for us.... we struggle too much, and die too many times.
I made my research about this, i read posts here in reddit, youtube, or other platforms, but anything they discuss there is either not up do date, or won't help at all.
Here's the thing: Me and my friends, started playing DayZ, after we tried it many times, but the "i cant find you", "why isnt there a map?", or "why can't i find guns, food, meds immediately?" questions, made them ragequit and delete the game because it's too hard, we now want to conquer this game once and for all. But the game does not give us anything easy. I'm the most experienced player in the squad, i played with the Arma 2 DayZ mod, and i played with the Standalone version after release on PC. Now after years i wanna hop back and play with my boys from Xbox, but things are rough.
We chose a medium populated first person server, just to make everything harder, and we die from deseases. We never eat with bloody hands, we never drink spoiled water, yet, we keep getting sick. My friends are so new to the game they dont even know how to gut animals, gut players, or anything like that, we drink from wells, trought plastic bottles, or hands. Yet we all suffer from the same disease even before we meet up in a city, and we have not found a cure. Anytime we die, and start over again, just before arriving to the meeting point, one of us (if not all of us) gets sick.
Symptons: Constantly sneezing, having fever, periodically blurry eyesight, and grunting every 10 secounds, plus we cant eat or drink without throwing up.
We know diseases can infect others, but we played about 3 days, and every time we meet or run alone they say: "Im sick again...". I went to get pills, but none of them worked, i waited in a house while cooking meat and eating/drinking low amounts at a time for IRL hours, nothing made it disappear. I tried, tetracylin tablets, multi vitamins, painkillers, no effect. (not stacking it, eating 1 tablet at a time until the pill icon disappears then eating another one.) I did not find any charcoal tablets yet, so i dont know if it would cure it. If we find surgical masks, we wear them, if we are sick, we throw every headgear away, just to make sure our face is clear and not waring the same motorcycle helmet wich we vomited trought.
The reason we dont know why this occurs, is that we try to get as warm clothes as we can, but its hard. If we look for clothes, we starve or if we look for food, we get sick.
I read that if you keep everything at a decent level these sicknesses can just disappear, but no success yet.
If you've struggled with this before, or you know the exact cure for this problem that is up to date, please be our savior and help us. It's getting annoying, and they think about leaving the game which i dont want.
Sincerely, A sick survivor
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2022.01.16 16:51 kfcfossil It’s nothing too special but I was able to get the nice tan achievement and beat Hercules in one try!

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2022.01.16 16:51 frostmanga 🔥✊4

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2022.01.16 16:51 jecpasquoi1 I sell folder Dm me

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2022.01.16 16:51 LE_REQUIN_BLEU Sure age z in mobile is no pay to win

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2022.01.16 16:51 JessRoyall 10 year old Schefflera.

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2022.01.16 16:51 s160cr310 Hey I’m Sugar daddy Looking for seriously sugar baby I don’t really need sex or nude just been my online competition and keep me away from boredom if you’re interested pm me with your Cashapp tag and paypal link now (936) 888-8169 or Snapchat Robertscottty and get paid instantly NO SCAM 💯💯

Hey I’m Sugar daddy Looking for seriously sugar baby I don’t really need sex or nude just been my online competition and keep me away from boredom if you’re interested pm me with your Cashapp tag and paypal link now (936) 888-8169 or Snapchat Robertscottty and get paid instantly NO SCAM 💯💯 submitted by s160cr310 to SugarDaddyMeet_Sites [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 16:51 swiggityswoogey pretend we are on a long road trip and I am driving.

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2022.01.16 16:51 avgkultype The last time the Bengals won a post season game Seinfeld was on tv!

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2022.01.16 16:51 Mundane_Bee_5180 Xbox One Leagues looking for users

The Broken Leagues are ready for you & we’ve got cash for each years SB Winners. We currently are offering devs & other incentives for users as we want to make this a unique franchise and experience for us all. We have 3 leagues looking for new & active users, all 3 of have $50 going to the SB Winners & other users also getting some cash too! We run on discord & are XBOX ONE leagues so let me know if you’re interested! Teams Open:
Teams Open:
Broken Champions Y1W10 Bears Saints Raiders Chiefs
Broken Franchises Y1PRE WFT Broncos Lions Giants Saints
Broken Statistics Y1PRE Teams Open for the Randomizer: Jets Bills Pats Ravens Steelers Colts Raiders Broncos Chargers Seahawks Rams Cardinals Saints Bucs Panthers WFT Bears Packers
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2022.01.16 16:51 HanSolo100 Diogo Luís acerca da entrevista de Rui Costa

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2022.01.16 16:51 Tobydog30 Does anyone else not like the cryptic stuff and think it’s stupid?

I can understand that it can increase engagement with the investor base and can promote some fun discussions.
But I honestly think it’s a bad look. It feels like playing with people’s money, as well as with the emotions that are tied to the investment.
I’ve been with safemoon since April and I’ve consistently disliked the cryptic mess. The owls, looking for hidden icons or logos in pictures, papa speaking in riddles. It just breeds speculation and high hopes, then when those aren’t met because they’re unreasonable in most cases, people start spreading FUD and disappointment.
To me it just seems like being fully transparent and making announcements like every other business does, would just look better. Especially for new investors.
Imagine being a new investor researching safemoon and coming across the cryptic messages. I would personally be turned off that I can’t quickly understand what is coming next and instead have to join in on community speculation.
Just my two cents. I’m not sure if this is a controversial opinion or not in the community, but I’m curious if others share the same sentiment.
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2022.01.16 16:51 BB7305 Transfer from FC to DS?

Currently at a DS as a seasonal employee. I was just wondering if I were to quit, get hired at an FC that’s offering Blue Badge, would I be able to transfer back to my DS after a while and keep the blue badge?
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2022.01.16 16:51 poochwiz Serious question how many wrestlers are part of the lgbtq community

Not trying to be homophobic here but my gaydar is going off for some of these guys
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2022.01.16 16:51 hugh_jorgyn Duolingo, we've only known each other for 10 days, and you're already judging me...

Duolingo, we've only known each other for 10 days, and you're already judging me... submitted by hugh_jorgyn to funny [link] [comments]