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Walmart messed up and I got these tins nearly for free! Missed out on celebrations so this is a miracle!

2022.01.29 03:34 yungbuddzz Walmart messed up and I got these tins nearly for free! Missed out on celebrations so this is a miracle!

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2022.01.29 03:34 ThankfulApe What stack / technology would you use for my web application?

Hi Web Dev Sub!
I am currently working on a side project where I want to build a web application and am looking for input on what tech stack / technology / languages you would use for that.
The application
The goal of the application is to provide a modern looking multi page assessment, where a user enters data about their company on several different topics. The data should then be stored on a database and at the end of the assessment, the user receives an evaluation. The evaluation will be automatically created, based on the inputs and will not require advanced algorithms. The application should also handle user management and ideally support multiple languages.
My background
I have a Software Engineering background in developing C# applications in a production environment with interfaces to databases and automation equipment. I did also create a couple of small web applications using ASP.NET.
With my C# background, using ASP.NET with an SQL database and for example Blazor for the front end seems obvious, however I am also open and played around with a couple of Javascript Frameworks.
What would you use for something like that? Thanks for your inputs!
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2022.01.29 03:34 RandomCollection Workers don't know their schedules until the last minute. That's a big problem

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2022.01.29 03:34 Monsantoshill619 Top Mind suggests the movie “bring it on” indirectly caused the war in Afghanistan.

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2022.01.29 03:34 P_filippo3106 What's up with audio?

So basically, audio really confuses me.
I hear footsteps on left, they come on the right. Someone is running in the other room, I hear literally nothing but when I do it everyone hears me. I've seen other people get affected by this too when I killed them, the kill cam showed that they heard me coming from a completely different direction where I actually was.
Is this fixable? Thanks in advance
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2022.01.29 03:34 dude511 Ukrainians of Reddit, how scared are you of russia?

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2022.01.29 03:34 THUGLIFE-G4MING-123 Selling these Pokemons. DM ItsHedgehog#7935 if you have an offer for me.

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2022.01.29 03:34 No_Training_1032 I do not understand legacy patcher for computers!

Hi i have a samsung r530 t6600 gt310m, but how to do legacy patcher for monterey? To get non metal "acceleration" beta
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2022.01.29 03:34 marinebotany Ship that's really fallen out of fashion?

I've yet to come across a Faberry shipper past 2020, how are you guys lmao? What happened to you, Puckurt and other shippers?
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2022.01.29 03:34 Outrageous_Trust7502 Anyone has these 2 text books by any chance I need them ASAP (Palmquist, Mike. In Conversation, 2nd edition. (Macmillan). Memoli, et. Al., eds. Healthy State, 2nd edition. (Fountainhead)

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2022.01.29 03:34 hairygoat96 Mr.Mans!

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2022.01.29 03:34 Impossible-Serve-535 Subject

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2022.01.29 03:34 blackcrewmate6 Rumble

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2022.01.29 03:34 AyakashiGuyOffical Anyone know where i can get an STL for the Yokai helmet

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2022.01.29 03:34 Mrjohnhere Currently, how many credits do you have in FH5?

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2022.01.29 03:34 Ghaseetaram Indias Revenue Source

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2022.01.29 03:34 Big-Weather1500 I kissed my ex

I feel like I still love her and tonight I kissed her and it was Lowkey amazing like I felt like it was supposed to happen and she has a bf so I technically made her cheat which is Lowkey a w but also not
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2022.01.29 03:34 taironedervierte Ich hab diese seltsame 2 Euro Münze auf der Arbeit bekommen, was ist das ?

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2022.01.29 03:34 FarToFresh [Gen8] Finally got a shiny Centiskorch

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2022.01.29 03:34 heyumami Far Cry 6 Help - Throwing Weapons

When I began the game, and for several hours, my throwable item was a propane tank. Somehow I unlocked throwing knives and Molotovs, and now I can’t find a way to switch back to propane tanks.
Any help? What am I missing? Playing on XSX. Thanks!
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2022.01.29 03:34 humor0us When does Legacy of Thieves come out in PC?

I heard there was a leak about the PS5 version releasing May 4th, but it came out today (Hope you guys are enjoying, looks amazing)! So could the PC version come out on May 4th.
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2022.01.29 03:34 Avneesh_yadav If people of a random country called out Controversial/Sensitive topics of some other country and vice-versa .....then it would be a lot harder to cancel people ....

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2022.01.29 03:34 wuanlai65 Totoro Inu - The Most Underrated Inu Project! | Launching Now on BSC | Amazing community and unique utility! | Audited | Reflections | The next moon shot!

They will be listed on LBank!- Global Exchange with $840M in daily trade volume that will allow investors from all over the world to join the Totoro titans!
Live on CMC and CG!
High $ daily volume!
No team tokens
Supportive and close-knit community, active team, awesome utility, huge marketing budget and low market cap are only few reasons why you should check Totoro Inu project.

Why is Totoro Inu unique?
$Totoro is a utility token which will be used on the upcoming launchpad, TotoroPad, a multi-chain, anime themed launchpad with a refund system to ensure your security and satisfaction. The team aims to develop a whole brand, ecosystem and to become a reference among the biggest projects with major partnerships and innovative functions for the token.
- - - -
- 4% goes towards liquidity.
- 6% goes towards a marketing wallet
- 1% goes towards holders as a reflection
Liquidity is locked for one year to start with, and the team commits to 100% transparency to make you, our community members, feel safe. We are always open to feedback, ideas and suggestions via our social media channels.
- - - -
Our extended roadmap includes the following - audits, promotion Youtube videos, Twitter and Telegram marketing, contests and giveaways, CEX listings, crypto influencer marketing, strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, and an Anime themed Launchpad.
- - - -
Our tax system is designed to ensure the longevity of the token and to make sure that the team has the ability to market Totoro Inu to the standard it deserves. Totoro Inu’s tax per buy and sell is 11%: 4% of this goes to the liquidity pool to ensure stability, 6% goes to the marketing wallet to give us the ability to spread the word about Totoro Inu and 1% is reflected among the Totoro Inu holders!

Safe and Secure:
Our contract was written by experienced developers with an intricate knowledge of both Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Contract has passed TechRate audit and has been already renounced making it rug-proof.

We aim to provide a fun, fair, and safe space where projects can launch and survive through any market. $Totoro will be the BSC utility token used on our upcoming launchpad - TotoroPad.
The team is dedicated to creating a brand, an ecosystem and to secure a spot among the biggest tokens in crypto. Totoro Inu was born to educate and democratise DEFI. Thanks to its intuitive, secure and guided system

Static Rewards System:
Totoro Inu holders earn tokens simply by holding them in their wallet. 1% of all the taxes on each transaction go directly to the holders
- - - -

Contract Address: 0x4F29710843caA8A62bC22C95a62cf013f49a3f2F




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2022.01.29 03:34 Shadowcast17 U.S. Iaito/Shinsa source

Sorry to post yet another where to question, but i recently joined a dojo and im coming up on switching from bokken to iatio in the next week or two and i've been trying to source a good iaito and shinsen. My first go to was ebay because ive gotten some decent quality katana's from there in the past but because of the whole port situation ebay is listing disclaimers about shipping being about 1-2 months out. Does anyone know of a seller that can make a custom katana stateside (or at the very least able to SHIP stateside within a week or two?)
If i can find a source, because of the delay im debating buying two swords, one dull one sharp so i can have both ready come test time.
Any suggestions or references are appreciated. Thank you.
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2022.01.29 03:34 SecretaryValuable494 Message me For Vault 🎯

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