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How do you deal with the loneliness you feel in a relationship sometimes?

2022.01.29 04:38 INtPDomaine How do you deal with the loneliness you feel in a relationship sometimes?

Pretty much as the caption asks. I just feel so sad in my relationship sometimes. We only see each other once a week, in person he’s affectionate, attentive and loving but besides that he’s always too busy to text me constantly and usually falls asleep by the time we call during the nights, so I don’t get to talk to him much. This weekend he too busy to see me and and he fell asleep as soon as he called me. I love him a lot, but I feel so alone sometimes. I try to find stuff to do in my spare time to distract me from the feeling, but it’s hard when he’s the only hood thing in my life.
Anyone have any advice for how to deal with these emotions?
TLDR; I just feel lonely in my relationship and need advice on what to do or how to deal with it.
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2022.01.29 04:38 Azzyure You can never have enough Nikusa

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2022.01.29 04:38 Interesting_Sun6331 I feel disgusted when people make fun of people with psychosis that takes into effect.

I just hate when those make fun of people with psychosis that takes into effect.
It's just disgusting!
I just want to swear, and say bad words.
I feel so much anger against bullies that make fun of us.
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2022.01.29 04:38 PiousPigeon69 A nice Hels today for me!

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2022.01.29 04:38 dirrtyremixes Mastermix DJ Beats Chart Volume 86 (2021)

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2022.01.29 04:38 BlackberryHuman Help me find this song

I swear there is a song with Big Sean on the outro saying something about “when I tell your ass to come through” and then after that he spits a few verses. The melody has been stuck in my head all week but I don’t know what song it is. Please help
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2022.01.29 04:38 BuiltByMikeNYC RESTOCK LIVE NOW !! [Limited Quantity] - Chapter 2 arriving soon. - BuiltByMike

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2022.01.29 04:38 autobuzzfeedbot 10 Best TV Shows To Watch On HBO Max For February 2022

  1. Rick And Morty - Season 5
  2. Shaq Life - Seasons 1 & 2
  3. Raised By Wolves - Season 2 Premiere
  4. Craig of the Creek - Season 4 (Part A)
  5. Off the Air - Season 11
  6. Euphoria - Season 2 Premiere
  7. Search Party - Season 5
  8. Snowpiercer - Season 2
  9. Peacemaker - Season 1 Premiere
  10. The Righteous Gemstones - Season 2 Premiere
Link to article
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2022.01.29 04:38 throwaway374839202 How do students get selected for APs and college classes?

I was hearing a student talking with the sub about classes required to attend universities and all that. I didn’t have a single clue my school even had these courses. Is there college counselors, meetings or whatever to inform or what? Or do they expect a 13-14 year old fresh out of 8th grade student to have a full arsenal of knowledge on what courses to take and how to sign up for them in order to get into universities? I don’t know why I even care because I have absolutely zero plans of going to college but I kind of feel left out not having knowledge of this but some students do. Maybe I’m just trippin and I didn’t pay attention to something where they give out this information.
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2022.01.29 04:38 Ughoz Chapter 3 - The Guardians of our Race and the Forth Comming Awakening of Humanity.

Chapter 3 - The Guardians of our Race and the Awakening of Humanity.
Nature responds to human emotions, and the rising tensions within humanity are reflected in the increased intensity of earthquakes, volcanic activity, and other natural disasters around the globe. As the exploitation of the Covid situation and rumors of war do the rounds, the emotional welfare of humanity comes under pressure, and this translates directly into a response from our planet. Looking at our situation at large, the outlook is a bit grim and bleak, and it seems unlikely that we will get our act together in time.
Just over 40 years ago, into the malestream of human society stepped our brothers and sisters of old, joined at the hip so to say with our older brother that has taken to shoulder the task of implementing and executing the two-fold plan. The first fold, within the quiet to be a river of flowing goodwill, slowly to effect change for the good, at the same time not to transgress the Laws of Free will nor Cause and Effect, as in living Truth, one is the Law of Infinity and the Guardians of Law, as the Suns of Infinity, the very Threshold Consciousness through which the Law of Infinity is expressed. At the same time to draw unto themselves, as the Light Consciousness of Infinity, a vanguard of goodwill from within the ranks of humanity.
This vanguard, at the right time when all is in place, to start the March for Change upon the Astral planes interlinking with Earth, therein, to create an unseen, yet powerful Force of organized Goodwill filtering down from these finer planes unto Earth plane. Forming up in a pattern-specific formation, more than 2 billion of us began to gather when the note was sounded in April of 2021, at the end of September 2021, the march commenced and has been in progress since. Within the quiet, much is happening that humanity is not aware of. Many of the strings that have been pulled over the ages, that have caused humanity to stumble, have been pulled from behind the curtains of the Astral planes so to say. Since late September this Vanguard has been ‘sweeping’ the Astral planes, cleaning up behind the curtains so to say with much success, confronting and overcoming the darkness that seeks to oppose. The march is at a set pace and no opposing force has the ability to influence this pace, not even a little. The opposing darkness is simply accepted, therein absorbed, and transmuted into goodness without even a twitch in the step of the march. Over time, humanity will understand that acceptance is that key to overcoming. Infinity, accepts all things, and it is in the acceptance of, that keeps the Mind of Infinity undivided, keeps it being One Man, One Be-ing, One Singular Consciousness, Whom within we all live and have our Be-ing.
Change, will be, as we ourselves as humanity, is driving this change to create a better tomorrow. Took more than 40 years of preparing within the quiet, now the march is on, how long before our brothers and sisters of old go over into phase two of this plan, of stepping out into the open, if one thinks about it logically, not too long anymore. At the front of this March of Change, is our brother of old, directing action and the way forward and with him, side by side, our brothers and sisters of old in growing numbers, augmenting the strength of this Unit of Infinity Consciousness at our lead.
Little is known about this within our world, just as humanity at the time of the two world wars was not aware of the tremendous service to the human race by our brothers and sisters of old. Just as humanity is not aware of the many within the Brotherhood of Man, from other planets, that has come to stand by humanity in times of great difficulty. So little is actually known of our history, about the Great Brotherhood of Infinite Man. That eventful day that in history will be recorded as The Day of Declaration, will spur humanity on into an insatiable drive for knowledge and understanding as the Door of the human mind is finally thrown open. Much will come to the fore and become possible for and to the human race, in wonder will we look back a couple of years from now, at what was and what has become, and with a lightened step and grateful smile step forward into our bright future.
It must be understood that the Door unto Infinite possibility will be thrown wide open, all of us to step forward and through this door, hand in hand, unto a bright and glimmering future bathed in Light Consciousness. Think about this; billions of people, all changing step within one moment in time. To speak to somebody on the other side of the world after that momentous day, Knowing that the same that has happened within oneself has happened to the person on the other end of the line. Think about the joy this world will know, will feel, again, it is difficult to put into words the service our brother and brothers and sisters will render us as race upon that Day. We will Know and have a glimmer of the Love within Whom we all live and have our Be-ing, will know It’s soft gentle kindness, and Goodwill, will know regardless of what we have done, ever have we been held safe within the Arms of gentle Infinity, will know ourselves to be a Fragment of Infinity and the Only Begotten of.
Upon that Day, the feeling voice of Infinity, will hold us captive perhaps for no more than 15 or 20 minutes, yet this will feel like a long time as time will seem to come to a standstill for all of us in that globally experienced, unique moment in time, totally unlike in depth of emotion and clarity of mind to any we have ever experienced before. Within that moment, with a single step in time, for the human race upon Earth to change step, and therein to step into and unto a golden future filled with infinite promise. Enough cannot be said about that momentous moment that irrevocably will change the future of mankind upon Earth, and then, to crown this moment, for our brothers and sisters of old to step to the fore from amongst mankind to share our Infinite Truth with us, allowing us to partake in the stunning beauty we are.
Know, this moment will be but the kickstart to a wondrous and sparklingly bright future for humanity. Infinity, is just That, infinite possibility.
No more will a child starve from hunger, be in search of shelter, be anyone be a slave to materialism and the workings thereof. Yes, it will take time, yet the inspiration that will carry humanity forward will be a force unreckoned with, the speed wherewith humanity will shake from themselves the old of yesterday hardly believable as they have found freedom from ignorance and greed, see, and recognize each other as brothers and sisters within that Mighty Brotherhood of Man that spans the Universe, Knowing, that they are Not the bastards of the Universe but that each and everyone counts. Over a great many years, humanity has been done a great disservice from behind the curtains, and in the process, has suffered much. We do not know what freedom truly means, as freedom can only come from within the mind as it is opened up by feelings never experienced before. A weight, that has been carried over a long period of time will truly start to drop from the shoulders of humanity upon that day and the days following after, and only once the weight is fully gone, will humanity feelingly understand how much of a weight it has been to carry.
To Know that one is truly the Master of one’s own destiny, to know that one is indeed the Sun of Infinity and that none can prevent one from becoming in consciousness again, that Infinite One within Whom our Father-Mother is well pleased, always has been and will Be. Talking about all of this is one thing, experiencing, even for a moment in time, our Truth, quite another as there is an infinite depth to our Be-ing that the human mind cannot comprehend, only “The Self” as Reality within.
No more will we seek to tear each other down, but rather seek to uplift that which is our own. Infinity, is a powerful Consciousness with infinite ability and Creator of this spectacular Universe, and we, as Universal-One-Man-Consciousness is that Creator, individualizations of “The Self” that is but OneSelf, the greatest of diversification within the greatest of Unity. We are but OneSelf and the quicker this is realized and understood between all of us, the quicker peace will become within our winking future of infinite possibility. We are Infinity, have to learn to treat each other as such. To serve another, is to serve Infinity, and therein, “The Self” one is. To be good unto another, is to be good unto OneSelf.
Knowledge and service, the keys, to a life worth living and to “The Self” coming to the fore from within. Get to meet this “Stranger” within, this “Self” one is, for truly, within the society of today, this “Self” is a total “Stranger” to our consciousness. A “Self” we talk about and discuss, yet seldom experience, and is in the experiencing of, that “Truthful Self” will dawn upon and within the human mind.
Knowledge and Service, the Keys to a wonderful life worth living…
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2022.01.29 04:38 ButterscotchHour7359 Plum butter

I bought a jar of plum butter randomly yesterday … any ideas on what to do with it or what is it generally used for ?
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2022.01.29 04:38 SirMalcolmK Most animals don't die of old age.

They're either killed by a predator or by some disease.
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2022.01.29 04:38 Dimittrikovk IF YOU LIKE PIÑA COLADA

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2022.01.29 04:38 tarantulascary I’ve had three coffees today and it’s not doing anything help

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2022.01.29 04:38 purpleplatapi And who are these drugs for? "Jane uhhhh Doe. You wouldn't know her. She went to a different school." And it says here her address is the same as the last five people? And that also belongs to your office? "Yeahhhh uhhhh well it's a really big office. And the real estate markets so crazy...."

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2022.01.29 04:38 Mimiminx2020 This subreddit is for feedback and creative ideas. What ideas from this forum have been put into practice recently? What have we seen actually make it to the game?

And timescale isn't a thing as I suggested two things and they were out into practice quickly
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2022.01.29 04:38 japanidol エルフリーデ elfriede - Orange music video

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2022.01.29 04:38 37922 THORSwap on android?

Are there any plans to release an android app for THORSwap? Or perhaps something similar already exists? I'd prefer a direct apk download and without google services.
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2022.01.29 04:38 thrw1876 r/hollisUncensored Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.29 04:38 RushInfinite2731 After a whole year, Ganyu has found her Amos Bow ✨

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2022.01.29 04:38 Qlder86 Bianca Andreescu

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2022.01.29 04:38 peck112 Is this the right cable to get connect through a window?

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2022.01.29 04:38 smlosh92 Trade/Sale. This is who is left! ISO's on the 3rd slide but open to anything :)

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2022.01.29 04:38 tangoindjango E-KDSS on Lx 600?

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2022.01.29 04:38 Chad_Tardigrade Well it is strapped down I suppose.

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