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Not as such fanfic-related, but I think the hardest part about writing is finding the right audience.

2022.01.29 04:41 _humanERROR_ Not as such fanfic-related, but I think the hardest part about writing is finding the right audience.

I wrote quite a bit in the past few years and I've gotten quite some critique. My original fiction did so poorly that I've changed to writing fanfiction, and we'll see how that goes. As some people have told me, some of my writing may not be objectively bad, but it's that I haven't found/marketed them to the right audience.
A few examples.
I had finished a 70k novel over 4 years and started uploading it to Wattpad (that website was a mistake tbh). I got very few reads for the quality of my story and amount of chapters I was putting up. Some people theorised that my story may be too deep for Wattpad's audience and that the unpopular genre didn't help.
I had someone online read some draft chapters of another story. His main critique was that one of my MCs was too sensitive and emotional for the setting (1960s small US town) considering the culture of masculinity at the time. And that was the entire point?? All my other characters conformed to the setting and norms and my MC was the MC because he's different!?
I feel that writing especially is very critical about tropes and non-traditional male reads. They're frequently like 'real men don't cry this easily and aren't this emotional'. Like, actually some of them do, my MC is like that because he's my MC?! And don't get me started on the paradoxical expectations that some critics have about tropes. They don't like MCs who are 'different' and 'special' because they find it unrealistic, but then don't like the 'everyman' because he's too ordinary and boring. They don't like coincidences in plot but then gush about poetic and ironic storylines.
But yeah the main hurdle is not the writing itself, it's getting the audience. Fanfiction solves that problem because you're already tapping into the right audience.
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2022.01.29 04:41 therealmel2 Favourite vintage/antique shop in the GTA?

Specially clothing or furniture/home decor. But open to any stores with some good stuff!
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2022.01.29 04:41 kyukisses the most painful game i have ever played

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2022.01.29 04:41 nvdaniel SHARE AND MAYBE HELP OUR CAUSE!

Help us raise money for poor children who need a chance at education! Help us in our mission to support poor families! Just share this post!
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2022.01.29 04:41 Thickthighs1234 Why you do dis?

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2022.01.29 04:41 Kulahop307 Throwing up in 3rd trimester

I'm 38 weeks today and have been having bad acid reflux, especially at night. I just woke up and threw up a couple times. Is it weird to throw up this late in pretty, if I haven't thrown up at all before now? I've had horrible, horrible nausea the whole time but no vomiting.
Something I'm a little worried about is dinner that I had earlier. Yesterday I made like this ground beef philly cheese steak type thing but when I heated it up today it didn't warm all the way through and I was in a hurry so I just ate it as is. Could this be like listeria or food poisoning?
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2022.01.29 04:41 BoostedBonozo202 I noticed a new friend in my first terrarium today. Say hello to Fiona my new baby snail

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2022.01.29 04:41 logrono Streak 114: ¿Qué quieres hacer menos en 2022?

Para 2022, hay dos cosas que quiero hacer menos. La primera cosa es muy sencilla: comer menos chucherías. Siempre tengo ganas de comer algunas en la noche, pero desde empecé a trabajar desde casa también comencé a comer algunas durante el día, y no ha sido bueno para mi peso.
Además, quiero perder menos tiempo y enfocarme más en el aprendizaje de español. Ya no pierdo mucho tiempo, porque por ejemplo esta semana solo he visto dos horas de televisión en total, pero todavía reviso Reddit y Twitter etc, y eso no siempre es muy útil. Creo que es mejor pasar ese tiempo leyendo un libro, oyendo un podcast o mirando una serie en español. También es relajante y divertido, pero me parece más útil.
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2022.01.29 04:41 deusdebike @wolfpac30

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2022.01.29 04:41 PatrickCatherine [REQUEST] Principles of Microeconomics by Betsey Stevenson, Justin Wolfers

Print ISBN: 9781464186943, 1464186944
eText ISBN: 9781319252892, 1319252893
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2022.01.29 04:41 Pearltherebel Friend’s spooky picture

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2022.01.29 04:41 Doctor_M_Toboggan He has the most caring eyes.

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2022.01.29 04:41 Vesperal86 Milo taking a nap with Stitch

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2022.01.29 04:41 fishwinga Kikau aims to repay Penrith with another title after pain of leaked photo

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2022.01.29 04:41 Heracles_LionSlayer Katakuri haki

How much stronger would Katakuri be if his Observation Haki can see 6 seconds ahead?
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2022.01.29 04:41 B-Al sad Roberu with a frog

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2022.01.29 04:41 AsbestosAfficianado What ford is this motor from? its a single barrel i6

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2022.01.29 04:41 EdwardBliss Why couldn't they have used a more conventional soundtrack in the 1984 remake of The Bounty?

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2022.01.29 04:41 _b3lll My Valentine's Day idea 💌💕

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2022.01.29 04:41 Curiouscutie2022 Hi. Although I like mainly girls I'm a bi-curious guy. And my bi-curiosity is in attraction to tall white guys. I want to try BJ giving with such guy. What should I do? Should I visit a psychologist?

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2022.01.29 04:41 TheTruth221 what type of roll play do yall enjoy watching aside from the mission roll play

i like some good comedy roleplay and some good witch roleplay
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2022.01.29 04:41 Firm-Psychology6403 [FOR HIRE] Character Artist and Illustrator; from simple line art to detailed scenes

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2022.01.29 04:41 foodsamaritan Mixed Fish Noodles from Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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2022.01.29 04:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/1/28/putin-west-has-not-addressed-main-concerns-in-ukraine-standoff

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